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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



Let's start phonics recognising our own name. 

Please write 5+ different name cards (including your child's name) for your child to recognise and select their own name from. 

The quantity of name cards can vary depending on how easily your child is able to recognise their own name. 

I want to give out lots of dojo's for this task so please let me know how you get on with this task.

For this mornings phonics I would like us to explore and copy different rhythms using rhythm sticks. 

You can use wooden spoons or anything similar that you might find around your home. 

First, explore the different sounds you can make with them. We did a little bit of this last week in music. 

Tap the sticks together, rub the sticks together, tap the sticks on the table- get creative and see what other sounds you can make. smiley


Now, I would like you to use the stick to tap along to the syllables in your name.

For example "miss" - "finn" would be 2 syllables so 2 taps as you speak.

Can you tap out the syllables for the rest of the people in your home?

"Mum"-"my" - 2 syllables.

We have done this in school lots of times before so you should pick it up quickly. smiley


Next, I would like your grown up to tap a simple rhythm for you to copy.

Once you have mastered copying a simple rhythm with 2-3 different taps, I would like you to try to copy a more complicated rhythm.

If you can do that, can you copy out the sound of a nursery rhyme using your rhythm sticks?

Try some different ones if you feel confident to. smiley

Don't forget to send me some photos and a video to showcase your super listening skills.