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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


To begin today we want to begin by doing something differently, instead of the children recapping previous sounds by reading them we want you to say a sound and the children to the write it, this shows their knowledge of knowing the sound and the letter which it represents, the children should be writing these sounds pre cursively, if they do write one incorrectly then please correct it.

You can do this with a time limit and count down for each letter, if you are still unsure on the sounds which your child know then has a fantastic resource where you can see which sounds your child knows and at the end shows you which sounds your child needs to continue to work on, I have attached a pdf if you are unsure how to use phonics play and the game to choose to do this is called 'Flash cards'.

Today's focus is to recap new sounds from last week the digraphs 'ch' and 'sh', to begin ask your child to write the two sounds and see if they can remember them from last weeks learning.

Remind the children that a 'h' is an ascender so it is a tall letter and should be taller than the 'c' and the 's', if your child is confident with both digraphs then you can begin the next part of the lesson. If not then please continue to work your child recognising these two digraphs and being able to write them correctly.

We then want the children to see if they can read these words:

chop, ship, chin, shop, hush, check


For each word can the children draw a picture to represent what it says this allows you to see if they have understood what they have read and also develops their vocabulary. 

If your child was confident with reading these words and showed a good understanding then they can have our golden challenge, can they read this sentence and again draw a picture to represent what it says:

I am in such a rush to get to the shops.


Now it is time for the writing aspect, can the children write these words using their phonics knowledge, the children should be writing these independently listening to the sounds in the word. They should be writing on the line, in one fluid motion and writing pre cursively.









If you want to challenge your child further can they write a caption or sentence with one of these words?

Now it is time for you to have a break and a snack, you may even want to get your body moving after working so hard on your reading and writing.