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The children are working within Phase 2 for their phonics and we use the 'Letters and Sounds' programme along side the 'Jolly Phonics', the Jolly Phonics songs help the children tremendously to remember their sounds as they contain a visual, songs and an action. The video is long but it contains all of the songs for each sound but the children enjoy singing them and I cannot wait for them to show you how excellent they are at performing them laugh

I have also added a video which we have used for our memory word but they are referred to as 'tricky words' in the video, please focus on the sounds and memory word which your child found difficult yesterday.

Jolly Phonics 42 letter sounds

In English, even though there are only 26 letters, there are actually 42 different sounds. This is because two or more letters together sometimes make just o...

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

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Phonics is where we teach reading and writing and todays focus is reading, towards the end of Reception we aim for the children to be reading fluently without the need for segmenting and blending however the children are still developing their segmenting and blending skills. 

The children should read each sound and then blend them together to read the word, some children are now segmenting in their heads and then saying the word out loud which is fantastic laugh 

For phonics today I would like you to write these simple words below on pieces of paper and hide them around the house for the children to find and read, some of these words contain 'digraphs' which are two letters which make one sound and this may catch the children out so remind them of digraphs before you begin. The words I would like you to hide are:

man sock hot sun bell pip can hit huff pin sad bag pull rob tick

Have fun hunting, make sure you send me lots of pictures of our word detectives, I cannot wait to see how much fun you have!

If you want to challenge your child further then ask your child to read the word and can they draw a picture for that word this shows if the children understand what they have read.