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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


This morning we would like you to practice your letter formation. Start with the video below using your magic fingers and making marks in the air.


Early Years (EYFS) Letter Formation ABC | Precursive 'Jedi Writing'

Write the Alphabet for Kids - Cursive Handwriting A to ZHow to Write the Alphabet like a Jedi is a cursive writing video. This cursive writing video has a St...

Now you have practiced in the air let us start by writing some letters. Today I would like you to focus on the size of your letters. We need to make sure we are writing pre-cursively and starting all letters on the line. Our letters should all be the same size. For example, all letters that ascend should ascend to the same size. All letters that fall should fall should be the same size and letters that are small need to be the same size so we can see clear ascenders and descenders.


Some letters are small:                                     a c e I m n o r s u v w x z

Some letters are tall:                                         b d k h l t

Some letters fall:                                                f g j p q y


I would like you to practice the cvc and ccvc words below. Take your time and concentrate on each letter to make sure it is correctly formed and shows a clear ascender or descender.



Jack                   fix

visit                 mud

cob                    web

bucket              sell

huff                  kiss

rocket              neck