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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year



I hope you had lots of fun practising different voices in phonics yesterday- we loved this activity in school. smiley


Each morning at school we spend time doing self-registration, during this time the children are encouraged to find their own name card so that they are becoming familiar with letters and their names. 

I would like you to write down two or three different names including your child's name, and encourage them each morning to find out their own name before you start phonics. This may take a bit of practise and your child may need a bit of help to begin with as we have not been in school for a while. 


Today we are going to concentrate on sound discrimination. 

We are going to play a game called 'Miss Finn has a box...' (you can edit the title of this game according to who is playing it- i.e. 'Mummy has a box...' 'Daddy has a box...') 

Find an empty box, turn it on the side and cover it with a blanket or towel. 

The box should contain some items from around the house can make sounds- i.e. set of keys, crisp packet, jar of rice, squeaky toy, etc. Demonstrate each sound to your child before you cover them up. 

Sing the song 'Miss Finn has a box, e-i-e-i-oo and in that box she has a....." (Sing the song to the tune of 'Old McDonald had a farm') use the object to make a noise in the hidden box for your child to listen to and guess which object.

Do this several times using a range of different objects. You can take it in turns and allow your child to lead the game. 

Use anything in the house that you can find that makes a sound- you can alter the number of objects in the box to make it a little easier or a little trickier as required. 




We love that game in school so I hope you have enjoyed it at home!