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As we have reached the end of our week, I hope you have learnt the sounds or memory words you were struggling with at the start of the week. Even if it is only one more sound or one memory word, you have made progress smiley


 Can you please start by recapping your phase 2 and/or the first Phase 3 sounds. We do these everyday as repetition is key in the early years. Until they know there sounds they cannot start to segment and blend all cvc words. Most children will now know there phase 2 sounds and will be starting to learn the Phase 3 digraphs. If your child is starting to learn the phase 3 digraph see if they can think of any words with the digraph. 'queen, chip, ship,think'



Now let us look at our memory words. Why not have a phonics hunt this morning. Hide the memory words around the house/room and ask the children to find them. How many can you find?



Yesterday you looked at the ‘qu’ sound. Can you remember any words with the sound ‘qu’?



Today we are going to look at the Phase 3 'ch' sound. 

What words can you think of with the 'ch' sound? 

Below is a song to help us learn the 'ch' sound. 




Digraphs | Let's Learn About the Digraph ch | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the digraph "ch". A digraph is when two letter sounds or phonemes combine to make one sound or phoneme. When the /c/ sound combines with the /h...

Now we have sang the ‘ch’ song we should know more about the sound. Let’s see if we can write it with beautiful formation. Write pre-cursively and start your letters on the line. 'h' is an ascenders so make sure it stands nice and tall. 

Brilliant. We are now going to practise writing words with the 'ch' sound. Can you remember any words beginning with ch? below are some examples to write, you may think of your own.