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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



This morning in Phonics I would like us to concentrate on voice sounds- that is the sounds you can make with your voice. 

First I would like you to sing the song "Old McDonald Had a Farm" below. See which different animal sounds you can make. 


Well done I hope you enjoyed that.

Next, I would like you to play an animal guessing game.

Have a think of the different animals you know, choose an animal, but don't say which one you have chosen, out loud- I want you to give you grown up a clue by making the sound that the animal makes, let's see if they can guess which animal you chose. 



I have chosen an animal that makes the sound "Moooooo..."

Which animal have I chosen?




My animal was a cow. Well done if you got that right. 


How many different animal sounds can you make? 

What is your favourite animal sound to make?


I have added some animal sound cards below if you need some ideas.