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Good morning, can you begin with recapping your phase 2 and 3 sounds.



Yesterday you looked at reading the memory words. Today we will be focusing on writing them. Lets recap the memory words so we can refresh our minds.







This morning I would like you to make a memory word hunt! Write down the main memory words you are struggling with/focusing on. Please choose memory words the children need to practice and not ones they are secure with. If your child is confident reading memory words you could write a short caption/sentence with the memory word in so when they find one they need to read the whole sentence not just the word. Can they identify the memory word in a sentence? 


Place them around the house and go and find them. Each time you find a word you need to read it out and put it into a sentence verbally. This will help for your next task. 

Have fun hunting! 



Now you have found your memory words I would like you to choose the appropriate activity. Complete 1 or 2. 


1. Write them our in re-cursive handwriting, on the line and focus on your letter formation. Ensure you have ascenders/descender s where needed and all letters are the same size. As a challenge you could try to put one of your memory words into a written sentence.



2. Put each memory word into a written sentence, thinking about finger spaces, full stops and being able to read back what you have written and understand it. I would expect at least 3/4 sentences.




Tricky Trucks 


I have attached a game we love to play at school. Have a go at recognising the memory words.