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Week commencing the 5th July 



It has been an exciting and busy week in swan class. We have loved our sports week! We started the week, looking at what the Olympics is, what games take place and where is originated from. The children expressed their love for sports and we discussed our favourite sports. The children applied this into their writing and wrote sentences to tell me their favourite and facts about the olympics. We focused on using a capital letter, having clear finger spaces, a full stop and making sure we can read our work back. Take a look at some fantastic work.




Can your child tell you where the Olympics is taking place this year? We did our research and found out it is taking place in Tokyo. We looked at the culture and traditions in Tokyo and this allowed us to recognise some similarities and differences between traditions, cultures and people. The children sorted the pictures and used great communication skil;ls to explain their thoughts and ideas. 



In maths this week we have been looking at sharing. The children understand when sharing amounts they have to be 'equal'. This means they all have the same smiley In light of a lot of children watching the football and getting very excited we had a football theme! Which is part of the Olympic games. We shared the footballs between different players. The children had great language of sharing and understanding the skill. They were able to share different amounts, like 4, 6 and 9 balls between 3. 



The children have been practising races all week. We have our own race course in the classroom where the children have been using the language of 'position'. We have developed our understanding skills by placing the cars 'in front' 'behind' and 'next to'. The children then raced their cars and had great language of position to solve problems. They could identify 1st place, all the way to 8th at the races.



To end our perfect week we had sports day! The children have looked forward to this all week. We discussed the importance of warming our bodies up to stretch our muscles, keeping hydrated when we are getting our blood pumping and most importantly enjoying our selfs, working as a team and having fun! 

We took part in different races, where we showed great gross motor skills. The children had great co-ordination and moved in a range of different ways. They were skill full when running, throwing and catching. They had so much sensitivity to their friends cheering them of and supporting there abilities and feelings.

Have a look at our amazing day in the slide show below. 


I hope you all have a well deserved, relaxing break and come back Monday morning full of energy. It has been a lovely week and I look forward to seeing you all Bright and early Monday smiley

Miss Mayerheart



Week commencing 28th June 2021



What a busy week we have had in Swan class. We have continued our focus around 'The Three Little Pigs' and the children are having so much fun. They are great at recalling the key events from the story. We have started to think about creating our own stories, and thinking of alternative endings to the story. The children have used puppets and prompts to support their play. The children created their own book front covers using their imagination and original ideas. 



We have been busy bee's in maths this week. We have been looking at different aspects to extend and secure our skills. We began the week looking at patterns. We recreated, continued and made our own patterns. The children were really good at this and could describe the patterns that they had made. All of the children know what a pattern is and we began to solve problems by finding the mistake in Miss Mayer's pattern. 



The children have been working extremely hard on their reading. This week we have focused on using our phonic knowledge to segment and blend to read simple sentences. Some children are now fluent in their reading and they have moved up a book band level. The children are great at recognising their memory words when reading. The have demonstrated good understanding of what they read by answering focused questioning and explaining the key events in the story.



Next week is sports week. The children will be focusing on their physical abilities and completing lots of fun games. Our sports day will be Friday morning, our usual PE slot, so the children come to school in their PE kits as normal. We are looking forward to lots of challenging activities and working as a team. 



We were so excited we were practicing our running skills in preparation for the races! We used good language of position and accepted all of our wins and loses. 

Ready, get set, go!!!








Week commencing 21st June 2021



This week in Swan class we have changed our traditional tale and are focusing our learning around 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have read the story and the children were great at recalling characters, settings and key events. The children have loved the story so much and have carried out some excellent learning. In writing the children have used their phonic knowledge to super sentences about the wolf! We have been concentrating on finger spaces, being able to re-read our work so it makes sense and use full stops at the end of a sentence. I am super proud of the children. 


We have set up a little investigation for the children, they had to make their own houses using the materials from the story. We discussed the textures of the material, predicted if it would 'stand' or 'fall' and we put our thoughts to the test! Using our own MR Wolf (Miss Mayer's hair dryer) we huffed and we puffed and we blew the house down! We made some amazing houses but the story was right..a brick house is the strongest house to have smiley



Some children then independently went off and made houses for the little pigs outside. Using what they know about materials they were able to build using original ideas, thinking of uses and purposes. They worked amazingly as a team and had great sensitivity to their friends ideas and opinions. 



One afternoon the children were full of energy and we had a lovely surprise. We put our favourite songs on the board and had a boogie. The children were great at dancing and making their own moves to fit the music. We had so much fun dancing with our friends.



In maths this week we have looked at different areas. Firstly we had a look at 3D shapes in the environment. We identified a shape, went and found an example in the environment and could tell me a propery of the shape. The children have done so well with their shapes and i am very impressed with their knowledge of the properties. Take a look at some shapes we found.



Next week we will continue to focus on 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have lots more fun, exciting activities planned and already look forward to Monday. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Mayer heart



Week commencing 14th June 2021



This week in swan class we have continued our learning about the gingerbread man. Last week we made gingerbread men and they ran away! We were all so shocked on Tuesday when they turned up in our classroom! We decorated them with different foods and we manged to eat them before they could runaway again. 



In English we recalled our experience and how we made the gingerbread men. We then wrote a set of instructions to explain what we did. Using great time connectives, finger spaces and full stops we explain each stage using our phonic knowledge. 


We have been very busy working on our reading. This is a big focus this half term getting the children ready for year 1. We have been using our phonics to blend phase 3 words together to read simple sentences. We can recognise our memory words in the book and this supports our fluent reading. Please make sure you are reading every night at home and signing your child's dairy ready for our certificates at the end of the week :) 



This week we had a great time in our Bee Active PE lesson. We used great control and co-ordination with gross motor movements to explore moving in different ways to the spots! We had so much fun working as a team, communicating and following several instructions. 



Next week we will be looking at a different traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have lots of learning and fun activities for the children and we can't wait to get started. I looking forward to seeing you Monday morning. 

Miss Mayer heart


Week commencing 7th June 2021


What a great first week back after half term. I hope you all had a lovely break and got up to lots of fun activities smiley The sun was shining and i hope it continues for all of our fun learning coming up. This term we will be focusing on Traditional Tales. The first tale we are looking at is 'The Gingerbread Man' 



To start our Topic we made our very own Gingerbread men in maths. The children were brilliant at using language of weight and capacity. We discussed 'heavy' and 'light' ingredients, how much we needed to fill them up and solved problems, comparing quantities and objects. We had so much fun baking! 



Unfortunately, we had a problem. Miss Mayer took them home to cook and as soon as i opened the door to bring them out, they jumped up and ran! They were so fast and we have been looking all over for them. The children have been amazing keeping a look at, creating drawings and in English this week we made our own wanted posters to display around the school. We focused on writing phonetically plausible words, applying our phase 3 knowledge and including our memory words. 



After reading the story we found some solutions to help the gingerbread man. We got creative and decided to build a bridge with a range of outdoor materials. We thought of uses and purposes in original ways. Take a look, we even tested them and had so much fun.



This week we made our own music and experimented with ways of changing it. The children created music to represent the moves of the gingerbread man. We found sounds to show him tip toe-ing, we round sounds which showed him running. We looked at fast, slow, high and low.. The children had a great time exploring instruments. 



We have loved our provision this week and engaged in a variety of different materials, indoor and outdoor.


Week commencing 17th May 2021 


This week in Swan class we have all been busy with our home learning. I am so proud of you all. You have adjusted, yet again, so quickly to our new routine and worked just as hard as you would in school. I have received some amazing learning and can't wait to share it with you all. We will be back in the classroom on 24th May, Monday morning. I am looking forward to seeing you all again. 



This week in maths we have been focusing on our number sentences. We have looked at addition, subtraction and number bonds within 5/10. You have all done amazing and used some great objects from around the house to support your learning. We started practically and then were able to move on to writing number sentences in our books. Take a look at some of our work.



In writing this week we have continued our learning around life cycles. We were able to write the stages of a frogs life cycle. We did really well focusing on our handwriting, staying on the line and keeping all letters pre-cursive. 




This week we have introduced a new story 'The Teeny Weeny Tadpole'. The children have enjoyed reading the story with their families and we created some work around the story. We looked at his journey and the life cycle of a frog.






Next week we will be 'Art' week for the school. In reception class we will be focusing on 'Henri Rousseau'. we will be created a corridor display to showcase all of our beautiful work. I am really looking forward to it and I hope you are too. 

See you Monday,

Miss Mayer heart

Week commencing 16th May 2021



What a busy week in Swan class. This week we have deepened our learning about minbeasts and looked at the life cycle of a caterpillar. We have used the story 'The munching Crunching Caterpillar' by Sheridan Cain to support our learning and understanding of the process. The children took a great interest in the story and were able to recall characters, the setting, and key events. Through independent learning the children were great at sequencing the life cycle of a butterfly with physical prompts. We were super proud of ourselves. 



This week we explored creating representations with playdough. The children used their knowledge of the life cycle and made individual models for each stage. Using our fine motor skills, rolling squeezing, pressing and moulding the dough we used tools effectively and safley. Take a look at some of our work.



In maths this week we looked at telling the time. We used the correct mathematical language to describe the times on the clock and then we made the time on the leaf. The children were great at using 'o'clock' and 'half-past'. This is something you can continue to practice at home and see how much they have learnt. Make sure they are using the correct terms smiley




This week we have seen our bubble close for a 10 day isolation. I know we are all sad about this but we will be back soon! You home learning is amazing and I know you will be working just as hard. I can wait to catch up over teams next week. Have a well deserved break and enjoy your weekend.

Stay safe, Miss Mayer heart


Week commencing 26th April 2021



This week in Swan class we have been super busy introducing our new topic 'Minibeasts'. The children have shown a great interest in the topic, and have independently been to find their own minibeasts in our outdoor area. Our story focus is 'Mad about Minibeasts' and the children have really connected with the story, reflected on their experiences of different bugs in their gardens. We have identified bugs we already knew, and lots of different bugs we may not have known. We have completed a lot of learning around the story and enjoyed every second. 

We all chose our favourite minibeast and using our learning of bugs, we created our very own minibeast. The children were great at choosing the different colours needed and having great attention to detail, including unique features of their bugs. Take a look at some super work.



To find out all about our bugs, we used our phonic knowledge to read regular and irregular words. The children showed a good understanding of what they had read by matching the sentence to the picture. I am super proud of the progress the children are making when reading. Please continue to read their books with them every night and sign their dairy. We have our awards assembly on Fridays and we will be looking for the best readers! 



In maths this week we focused on counting reliably with numbers to 20. In particular we looked at one more and one less of a given number. The children were great at counting on and counting back. We were able to write the number before and after on our buzzy bumble bees. Some children were great at being able to do one more and one less verbally. We played a 'quick fire' game to see how fast we could answer. In reception we are aiming to all know one more and one less of a given number instantly. 




It has been a super week and i hope you all enjoy your long weekend! I hope the weather will stay lovely for us. Until then, I look forward to seeing you. 

Love, miss Mayer heart

Week commencing 19th April 2021



Welcome back Swan class!

Just like that our first week back is over. I am so proud of the children for coming in, and settling back into our routines. I can tell the children missed school just as much as I have missed them. We have had a brilliant, fun week and look forward to the term ahead. We have lots of exciting learning this term and we have jumped straight in.



This week in Swan class we have focused on our school values. Reception were given the value ‘friendship’. We have excellent relationships in reception and it was lovely to highlight these and discuss all about our friends. The children were confident to talk about their friends and home life using great vocabulary. We talked about what it takes to be a good friend and most importantly ‘to treat others how we want to be treated’.

I am super proud of everyone and their values. Our reception class really do represent our school so well smiley



In light of values week, we have been reading ‘How to Grow a Friend’. The children and I, have really enjoyed this story as it relates so much to ourselves. We even planted our own seeds before term and the children were very excited to draw on this experience. The story describes what it takes to be a good friend and we all shared our own ideas. We were able to use our writing skills to describe what it takes to be a good friend. The children’s segmenting and blending to spell is progressing every day and their presentation is amazing. The children used great adjectives and beautiful pre-cursive handwriting!



Next week, we will move on to our new topic ‘minibeasts’ the children have already shown a big interest in our topic and we are looking forward to learning all about the minibeasts around us. Our story will be ‘Mad About Minibeasts’ Feel free to explore the story at home and familiarise yourselves, you can never have enough book talk smiley Well done for a brilliant week,

Love Miss Mayerheart

Week commencing 22nd March 2021



We have had such a busy, fun, exciting week in Swan class. We have continued our learning about spring diving deeper into changes in the environment. Specifically, we have focused on plants. Our focus story this week is 'Plants Can't Keep Still'. Our story has supported our understanding of the stages plants go through and how seeds are transported by objects in the environment. We have loved listening to the story, with great recall of facts. 



To support of our learning we have planted our very own seeds this week. Firstly we discussed the process and steps we have to take to plant a seed. We had so much fun planting the seeds and can't wait to observe their growth in our garden smiley Once we planted our seeds the children wrote instructions to explain how to plant a seed from their experiences. The children's writing is improving daily and we have had some great captions/sentences, using their phonic knowledge to segment and blend to spell. I am super proud of each and every one of you smiley

We will continue to observe the changes and know to take care of our plants. We know exactly what they need, maybe you could ask your child what plants need to grow? I am sure they will impress you with their learning.



The sun has been shining this week and we have fully enjoyed being in our outdoor area. We have engaged in some purposeful, fun activities and we would love to show you. Developing our physical development we have been making obstacle courses, balancing and learning new skills! Also, we have been writing with chalk, pencils and water in different environments. We love our outdoor area and the learning never stops! The children have been fully engaged and used all of the resources effectively.



Next week is our final week of school before the Easter holidays. We have a busy, fun, exciting week ahead with lots more activities. We will be focusing on 'The Easter Story' and learning about the holiday celebrated all around the worldsmiley

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Love Miss Mayer heart

Week commencing 15th Match 2021



This week in Swan class we have been looking closely at spring. We have discussed the change of weather, season and changes to the environment around us. We noticed some similarities and differences between spring and the other 3 seasons. We went on a spring walk to observe our environment and then came back to write up our findings. The children's writing is coming along lovely. We are currently writing captions using finger spaces. We segment and blend words together using our phonics knowledge. We have some amazing captions and lists smiley



We have had many celebrations this week starting with St Patricks day on Wednesday. We loved learning about the Irish celebration and made our very own shamrocks. Using a variety of green materials we collaged and cut our shamrocks. Last week we looked at St David's day, we discussed some of the similarities and differences between the celebrations and used some great vocabulary to express our thoughts and opinions. 




Finally, we had a great day celebrating Red Nose Day. The children came dressed as a superhero or in red. As a school we raised a lot of money to support the course. The children had a great understanding of others being less fortunate than ourselves and the importance of raising awareness and showing support to others.


After a busy week I hope you all have a good rest. I look forward to seeing you on Monday morning smiley

Miss Mayerheart

Week commencing 8th March 2021


I am so happy to say we are finally all back together in our classroom. It has a been a fun, exciting, busy week catching up with our friends, teachers and jumping back into our learning routine. The children have settled in so well, it is like we were never gone smiley I am super impressed with the children and the progress they have made at home, it is lovely to see their learning being used in the classroom and hearing all about it heart




This week it has been science week. The children have enjoyed carrying out experiments and learning all about science. We have looked closely at floating and sinking. We found objects around the classroom and predicted if they would sink or float. We put our thoughts to the test and we were amazed at what we found. We made some great predictions and used our observation skills to compare our ideas and what happened. Take a look at some of our finding. 



As well as science week, we have introduced a new topic 'Spring'. We have discussed the changes in the weather/season and impacts this will have on the environment we live in. We look at plants, how they grow and the star of new baby animals being born, which linked into our 'farm topic' lovely smiley


We have had a busy week of learning and enjoyed exploring the activities set out in our environment. As we know play is such an important part of the early years and this week we have enjoyed inside and outside learning smiley The weather has been very up and down this week but it has not stopped out fun! 



I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a well deserved rest. I will see you Monday morning, bright and early. 

Well done for this week Swans, 

Love Miss Mayer heart



Week commencing 1st March 2021


Well what a busy week we have had. There has been so much learning taking place this week and I am so proud with the effort and work I have received from you all. Today was our last day of home learning! I know how happy we all are from our video calls. I have missed you all so much and I know the children at school have missed you. We are so excited to have our Swans back together in the classroom. I can't wait for Monday to come around smiley



Well done for this week and I just want to say a massive thank you to the parents who have worked daily supporting your home learning, the children for being so relentless and hard working, and the children in school for continuing their best efforts. You have all adjusted to a new routine so well and I know we will jump back into our new school routine just as quick. 

A huge well done!

If you need anything or just want a quick chat before returning to school please message me as I am always free smiley




This week we have all took part in world book day. We came to school in our pyjamas and the children at home wore theirs too! You all showed me your favourite books and we sat together to read the books you brought in. Throughout the day we focused on different stories. We started with 'Handa's surprise' The children did some great sequencing of the story and really enjoyed the story smiley 

After dinner we looked at 'Rainbow Fish 'All around the World with Max and Lemon' and we read 'Farm animals' 

It was great to look at fiction and non-fictions books together. Overall we had a great day! Take a look at some of our activities below. 




I hope you have all had a lovely week at home and in school. Next we we will all be together again smiley I will see you Monday morning Lovelies. Have a great, relaxing weekend! 

Love, Miss Mayerheart

Week commencing 22nd February 2021


Hello Swan class, it has been a lovely week! We have gone outside without our hats, scarves and gloves on for the first time this week. We have really enjoyed the sunshine and hope we have lots more to come. This week I have been completing assessments with the children. I am so proud of you all for your hard work and commitment. You have made some great progress and that is down to yourself and your parents for working so hard with you. Well done and I can't wait to have you back on the classroom so we can learn together. This is your last week of home learning so make it count and work super hard ready for coming back to school smiley



This week we have been learning all about farm animals. We have read the story 'Wake up Time on Bumble Farm' Which reminded us all of the different sounds animals make. We have had lots of activities identifying an adult animal and their young. Our new small world area is a farm yard and it has been so fun playing with the animals and exploring the textures on the farm.




We have one more week of home learning and then you are back in school. I look forward to seeing you. Love Miss Mayer heart

Week commencing 8th February 


Hello Swan class, we have made it to the end of term and what a busy term it has been. It has been a strange start to our year but I could not be prouder of you all. You have worked so hard and adjusted to new learning so quickly. I hope you all have a well deserved rest this half term and stay safe smiley

In Swan class it has been a week of celebrations, we have had so much fun learning the meaning behind traditions and how different cultures celebrate. At the start of the week we focused on Pancake day. As this fell in half term we couldn't help but have it early so we didn't miss out of any food wink The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own pancakes using great fine motor skills to mould, press and create their own pancakes. They then went on to writing a list of ingredients they would need to make pancakes. I was so impressed with how much they remembered. 




Later in the week we learnt about Chinese new year. We hall had a great time looking at similarities and differences between ourselves and China. As you can see we practiced some Chinese symbols which we found out were numbers! They were very different to our numbers. Our story focus this week was 'The Great Race'. Miss Mayer was super impressed with how quickly we could recall the animals and order of the race. We loved playing with the animals and recreating the story with our own set up of the setting. We were able to sequence the story and remember the characters and key events in the story.



This weekend it is valentines day. The children all created their own card and wrote a little message on the back for their loved ones. The children made cards for mums, dads, family and friends they were missing heart I am sure you all enjoyed your cards of your children just as much as we enjoyed making them. 



Just when we thought we couldn't fit anymore learning into our week we had time to make Chinese Dragons! We discussed different activities that take place between Chinese new Year and our favourite was making a dragon to parade through the Chinese celebrations. Therefore we got creative and made our own dragon. 



To end our busy week we all sat down and enjoyed some Chinese food. We tasted foods that some of us had never had before and we had the best afternoon! The children at home have been working just as hard. Take a look at some home learning from this week. We have some amazing dragons! Pancake experts and some great knowledge on Chinese new year smiley



I hope you all have a lovely half-term, I can't wait to see you all in a weeks time. Stay safe and I will see you very soon. 

Love Miss Mayerheart



Week commencing 1st February 2021


Hello Swan class, we are finally in February. January was a strange month for us, having some children in school and some of our lovely Swans learning from home. We are all missing each other and I can't wait for us to all be back in the classroom together, where we belong smiley Although we are mixed, each and every one of you has been working so hard and I am one proud teacher. You are all truly amazing. Hopefully it wont be long before we are back. Until then keep up the good workheart



This week we have been learning all about our local area and road safety. The children were great at talking about their surroundings and different places they go to in the local area. We identified shops, local parks, bottle kilns and how busy some roads can be. We talked about how to be safe when crossing the road. All of the children knew we had to stop, look both ways and listen. We discussed a zebra crossing and a pelican crossing. The children were super at knowing we wait for the green light to show on the lights before we can walk across enlightened



As you all know by now we have moved our PE lessons to a Monday morning. This week in PE we went outside, the sun was shinning and we had a great time with our friends. We were practising our ball skills and working together to pass the ball. Using our gross motor and communication skills we kicked the ball to each other, moved up and down the court and dribbled the ball between the cones. We really enjoyed this and can't wait for our next sessionsmiley




This week we are been exploring lots of new learning. The children have been working on their fine motor skills, counting irregular arrangements. We have also introduced the concept of time The children have been great at using time in their play. 




Next week it is Chinese New Year. We will be learning about the celebration and looking at the similarities and differences between our new year and the Chinese new year. It is also our last week at school before half term. We have lots of activities and new learning planned. I look forward to seeing you Monday morning. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you soon.

Love Miss Mayerheart





Week commencing 25th January 2021


Hello Swan class, we have made it to Friday. What a wonderful week we have had. Live learning has been in full swing this week and it is going amazing. I have had some comments off parents praising how well the learning is going and how beneficial it is for the children. I am super proud of all the children who have logged on to live learning. You are working super hard. Live learning will continue and we hope to carry out more live learning to support you at home. 


This week we have been learning all about healthy eating. We have enjoyed lots of different activities and learnt all about what foods are healthy, what foods are unhealthy and where the fruits and vegetables grow. We used some great vocabulary when discussing healthy and non-healthy food. The children were able to group the foods into the correct category. This week we have also explored our senses. We made fruit kebabs which was very fun! we used great fine motor skills to cut and put the fruit onto sticks. For each sense we described the fruit. The best part was eating our fruit kebabs!



This week we have shown amazing observational skills. Looking closely at the shapes of fruit, the colours and position of the fruit in the bowl we have drawn beautiful pictures. Take a look at our art work below, we are super proud. 



The weather has been rather cold and rainy this week but that hasn't stopped us getting out for outdoor learning. We found some ice on our playground and used some great mathematical language when playing. We described the ice as 'heavy, wide, big, small'. We love playing with the ice and the children had a good knowledge of how ice is formed and what happens when the sun comes out. They were excellent at describing the textures. 



We have had a great time engaging in our environment this week with purposeful play. Take a look at our activities we have enjoyed. 



Next week we will be looking at our local area and road safety. We look forward to seeing you and enjoy your weekend, love Miss Mayerheart


Week commencing 18th January 2021



Hello Reception class. We have made it to Friday. smiley We have had a lovely week learning about the artic animals and we have received some great learning at home and in school. We could not be prouder of your efforts. We have had a wonderful week and to top it off we had some snow Wednesday night! I saw some great photos of you enjoying the snow.


Following on from our winter topic, we have been learning all about the artic animals. We had a great afternoon watching ‘Frozen Planet’ and learning about the habitats, diet and behaviours of the different animals. We used some great vocabulary to recall what we had watched and our knowledge of the animals has grown. Why not ask us to tell you a fact about one of the animals. I bet we could tell you lots! We then created some artwork with different materials to show our favourite animals.


We also used colour to draw our favourite thing about winter or your favourite arctic animal. Using our knowledge of arctic animals, we were able to label our work with describing words to explain what we had done. We focused on our letter formation and keeping all letters on the line. We did some great segmenting and blending of phase 2 and 3 sounds. Take a look below.



In maths, we have been looking at addition. We are great at recognising the signs to use in our number sentences. We use our arms to remind us. We used mathematical language to add 2 groups of numbers together to find the total amount. We have also introduced doubles, this is new learning for reception and we have picked it up really well.



We have now finished our topic of ‘winter’ next week we will be learning about healthy eating. Our story focus for next week is ‘I will never not eat a tomato’. Maybe you could have a sneak peek before Monday. Until next week. Miss Mayer heart


Week commencing 11th January


Good morning swans, we have finally made it to the end of a busy week. It has been a funny one getting use to learning at home but you have all been amazing and you are all working so hard. We are super proud of you and cannot wait for us all to be back in the classroom. I hope it will be very soon. smiley


This week in maths we have been working hard on our number formation, and recognition of numbers to 20. In school and at home I have seen some brilliant formation of numbers and we are always improving. We have enjoyed singing the number rhymes to support our learning. Look at some of our numbers.



In phonics this week, we have introduced some new digraph sounds. We have been learning the ‘qu’ ‘ch’ ‘sh and ‘th’ sound. We have been using our segmenting and blending skills to read words with the Phase 2 and 3 sounds. We were very good at this and had a go at writing some of the words. We used our pre cursive handwriting and concentrated on starting letters on the line. Look at our amazing efforts!

In our winter topic we have been learning all about the weather. We discussed what clothes we wear in winter and how these help to keep us safe. We enjoyed using our technology skills to play a game all about winter.



We also looked at ice! We learn how ice is formed and used some great vocabulary to explain the process off freezing and melting. With our hands, we explored the textures of ice and water. We had a great day!



We have had brilliant week of learning and to finish our topic story, ‘Jack Frost’ we have made a story map to show our understanding of beginning, middle and end. This week we have also had lots of opportunities to learn from our environment we have been playing with lots of different resources. Play is an important part of our curriculum and we always make time.



Thank you for your home learning photos, you have all been brilliant. Until next week, Miss Mayer smiley


Week commencing 4th January 2021

Welcome back to the first Spring term of Reception, we may have only had one whole day back learning today but we will remain positive and continue to do our best learning whether we are at home or at school. This half term we are learning lots of different things but we are going to focus on the topic of 'winter' and its seasonal change and how it has similarities and differences to different seasons. We will be focusing our learning on the book 'Jack Frost'.



On Monday we discussed all of the fabulous things which the children had done over the two week break, they were so happy to talk about all of the snow they got to play in, it really was the best way to start our winter topic as we normally do not get snow this early on. 

We were very busy on Monday so here are some of our pictures of the fun learning we had smiley



We have also been busy writing and practising our pre cursive letter formation during our phonics sessions, we have been so impressed with the children's writing this week. We even wrote our memory words.



This week in maths we have been looking at repeated patterns. We are excellent at this and picked it up really fast. There were lots of different ways to make a pattern, with numbers, pom poms, colouring, even shapes! 



We have also received lots of lovely home learning and the children in school have loved seeing what everybody has been doing at home, we have really enjoyed the videos. Below is some photographs of some wonderful home learning so if you are learning at home you can see some of your friends and their work  


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will speak to you all on Monday, if you need anything then you know where we are to help.

Miss Mayerheart


Week commencing 14th December 2020 



What a great last week at school we have had. We have been so busy and enjoying ourselves with lots of activities.

It has been a true pleasure teaching the children this year and they have all come so far so quickly. It has been a tough year for a lot of us but I could not be prouder of the children. The progression made by each child is excellent and I am already looking forward to 2021. 


This week the children really enjoyed decorating biscuits, they all used their imagination and fine motor skills to add icing and sprinkles. 



Ready for our Christmas dinner the children got creative and made some hats to wear. They all wrote their name on the front and decorated with different materials. The children were very excited and loved making their hats, they wore them all day and had a great Christmas dinner smiley



In the week, we all made calendars using our knowledge of the four seasons. We decorated the four different trees with our fingers using great fine motor skills to represent the seasons with colour. The children were using great vocabulary and knew the months of the year.



After a great, hardworking year I hope you all have a lovely break. Rest well and stay safe. For those who are celebrating Christmas i hope you have a lovely time. Merry Christmas and  happy new year to you all.

I look forward to seeing you in January for lots more fun. We will be learning about the season Winter :) 

Lots of love, Miss Mayer and Miss Boone heart

Week commencing 7th December 2020


Hello everybody, this week we have read and discussed 'The Nativity Story'. We have talked about the importance of Christmas for the Christianity religion and why we celebrate Christmas. The children have been really engaged in the story and have a great understanding of the celebration. We discussed and sequenced the story next to our very own nativity set. I was very impressed with the children's memory of the story and how they used new vocabulary to express there ideas. 



We have had lots of fun in maths this week, we have looked at many different areas of learning indoors and outdoors. We have been measuring objects and arranging them in height order, we even build the tallest towers to measure against each other. 

We always love to learn our shapes and use these in lots of different ways in the environment. We used them for construction this week! With winter slowly creeping in we had some winter pictures to help up with our counting skills, our number formation has improved so much we now write numbers independently in play. 



This week we have made some Christmas and Winter cards for our families, we loved this very much using different resources. The children were very independent and even wrote their own messages inside. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them :)



I cant believe how fast this year has gone. Next week will be our last week in school until next year. It has flown by and we have had lots of fun together! Next week we be continuing to learn about Christmas. We will have lots of fun activities and look how different people celebrate Christmas around the world. I am sure to make our last week the best :)

See you next week, 

Love Miss Mayerheart


Week commencing 30th November 2020

Our first week back at school completed. Well done everybody it is great to have you all back in and we have worked so hard. This week was our last week looking at Autumn and hibernation. I am very impressed with the knowledge and understanding of hibernation and migration. The children used great vocabulary to explain details in depth. As you child about our story which helped us and see what they can recall.



This week in maths we have been looking at forming our numbers. I can tell you have been working very hard with this at home as I see a huge improvement. The children can now independently start to form numbers and we have learnt our rhymes to help us. We love to sing these as we write. 




This week we have noticed a big change in the weather and it has gone so cold! We are wrapped up well with scarves, gloves and hats. This has not stopped us from going outside and enjoying ourselves. We came in to some ice this week and the children loved exploring the changes. We discussed how to be safe around ice, what ice is, how it frozen and how it melts. The children were really interested and engaged in their learning. 



On Tuesday it was the 1st of December. As a class we had a discussion about Advent and what this means for the Christian religion. I know the children come in everyday excited to tell me what is behind the door on their advent calendars and it has been a lovely discussion we have as a class everyday. 


Well next week we will start to learn about 'The nativity'. It is our last full week in school and we have lots to be doing. It will be a busy, exciting week for us and i look forward to seeing you.

See you soon, Miss Mayer heart


Week commencing 23rd November 2020

Well what a busy week we have all had. I will start by saying how proud I am with each one of you. Your home learning and attitude to learning has been amazing. The work sent through is great and I know your efforts are as high as they would be in the classroom. Well done Swans!  

At home, we have continued learning all about the season autumn. You have been telling your parents all you have learnt at school and I know they were just as impressed as I was. You have had lots of discussions about autumn, changes in the environment and animals’ behaviours. Alongside this, you have all created some beautiful pictures in relation to autumn. I had many different creative ideas with a variety of resources being used. What great imagination! Look at some of your classmates and their artwork smiley



In maths this week, you have had many different areas to cover. From number formation, weight, addition and one more or one less. You all worked very hard and I am so impressed with the work sent to me. I know a lot of Dojo’s were sent out this week! Look at our number formation, they were so creative!



At home, you began your new learning of weight. Using key mathematical vocabulary, you were able to explore your house for objects to weigh. You tested with your hands and grouped the different objects into light and heavy. This was great new learning and I cannot wait to use this learning in the classroom!



Have a look at some more great learning in maths this week smiley


In writing this week, we have focused on our letter formation. I can see from your photos this has definitely improved and you have been trying so hard with your pre-cursive writing. I have seen many tall ascenders, descenders are very clear and your overall control is great.


Just like that, our home learning is coming to an end. You have one more day and then we are back in the classroom on Tuesday 1st December. I cannot wait to see you all and jump straight back into our learning. We will look at hibernation for our first week back.

So much learning has taken place at home; it is hard to fit everything in! Take a look at your home learning below.


 Until next week Miss Mayer heart

Week commencing 16th November 2020





Well what a week we have had, at the beginning of the week we have been learning all about the season Autumn. The children already had a great understanding of Autumn from their previous learning in Nursey. Therefore, we have been building of this knowledge and introducing new learning. At the beginning of the week we went on a leaf hunt. This was inspired by our focus story 'Were going on a Leaf Hunt'. The children had a great time exploring their senses and finding different leaves.  

This story can be found on youtube, why not have a read with your children to recap our learning.





Also, we had lots of discussion about hibernation. Ask your child if they can tell you what hibernation is. The children were very interested in why the animal hibernate and where they hibernate for the Autumn and Winter. 


In our maths lesson this week we were looking at sequencing familiar events. The children sequenced their morning routine and could tell me all about their mornings. We are encouraging the children to use language of time including then, next, after and this is something we will continue to work on throughout the year.



We have wokred super hard this week and lots of child - led learning has taken place, here are some of the activities we have gotten up to this week. 


Unfortunately our week came to an end to quickly and our lovely bubble had to close. However, our super learning has continues with home learning. I am very impressed with the learning I have had in so far, you are all producing some great work! I hope you are all ok at home and I cant wait to see you very soon.

Keep sending me your amazing photographs and take a look at some super learning so far.

Until next week Miss Mayer x .



Week commencing 9th November 2020

We have had lots of fun in Swan class this week with so many celebrations. We have been learning about the Hindu festival, Diwali, also known as the festival of light. We have read and discussed the story ‘Dipals Diwali’ and I am amazed at how much the children have retained. I am sure they have been telling you all about it the different routines that take place, such as cleaning the house, buying new clothes to visit temple and having a big family feast.J



In celebration of Diwali, the children have completed lot of activities to support their understanding of the Hindu festival. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and had a go at some of the Hindu activities. The children made Diya’s, lanterns and rangoli patterns with the playdough, look at some of our amazing work. I am super impressed with the children’s fine motor skills, and the way they manipulated the dough to have a planned effect. The children’s skills are improving each day.



On Wednesday, we focused all of our activities on Remembrance Day. The children had a great understanding and enjoyed learning about our history. The children used their imagination and used different materials to create Remembrance Day poppies. They were amazing.


Thank you to everyone who brought a £1 donation for children in need. It was lovely to hear different ideas and opinions expressed by the children. They have great empathy and understanding of others who may be less fortunate than us. It was a chance to see our school values truly reflected in the children showing great respect, inspiration and much more.



Next week we will look at our new topic, the season Autumn. I look forward to this topic and I know the children will enjoy it too. We will base our learning around the stories ‘Were Going on a Leaf Hunt’ and ‘Leaf Man’. Feel free to read these to your children at home J


Have a lovely weekend, Miss Mayer x

Week commencing 2nd November 2020


Welcome back Swan class! It has been so good to see you all again and I have loved hearing about your holiday activitiesJ I am so proud of the way you have come back into school, with a great attitude to learning and have settled back into routine perfectly!


We have most definitely jumped straight back into learning with a busy, exciting week. Our learning this week has been focused around bonfire night. The children have enjoyed lots of different activities and learning about how bonfire night started. Our learning has been focused around the storySparks In the Sky’. The children showed great listening and attention skills when discussing and sequencing the story.



In maths this week, we have all learnt about ‘capacity’. This is new learning for the children and they have been great at discussing what is full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty. We have been ordering different objects and comparing properties with key mathematical language. Everyone was amazing!


Creating masterpieces! The children were really engaged in creating different fireworks with a variety of resources. We looked at different colours, how to represent fireworks and carefully used different resources to create different textures. The children were very imaginative and we had some great outcomes.


Meet our new treasure booksJ As it is a new term we have selected 4 new books to add to our treasure chest. We will read and discuss these new books until we know them inside out! We are very excited to read, and get to know our new books. Please ask your children about these at home and see how much we know already.



Our superstars this week:

So much learning has taken place this week it is hard to show every single bit. We have had so much fun with our bonfire activities, developing our fine motor skills, continuing to read CVC words (3 Letter words) and of course carrying on our learning outdoors! These are just a few pictures of us engaging in lots of learning. Most importantly, we have been practising writing our names, we are getting so good at this now and it would be amazing if we could continue to practice this at homeJ


I would just like to say how thankful I am with the homework set for half term. I have had some amazing 3D rockets coming into school and I can not wait to get them up on our display to show you. As always, you are amazing swans! Keep up the good workJ

Until next week,

Love Miss Mayer :) 

Week commencing 19th October 2020


Just like that, our first term is over! What an amazing, busy 8 weeks we have had. The best thing is watching the progression of every child from when they entered the classroom to now. In class this week we have had a Halloween theme. The children have enjoyed all of the activities set out. We have explored pumpkins, using their fine motor skills to carefully hammer pegs into the pumpkin. Decorating Halloween objects with a variety of resources. We even used pointillism to outline some spooky pictures!



In maths this week we have been looking at estimation. We have learnt how to have a good guess and predict how many objects are in a set. The children have really impressed me with this task and showed great counting skills. We counted from small and large groups, irregular arrangements and even looked at what happens when we have more or fewer sweets.


In our phonics lessons the children are so eager to learn more. As well as single sounds we are starting to look at digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound.) The children have picked this up really well and we are beginning to read simple words. Keep reading your books with family at home and bring your dairy in so we can see your hard work.


After all of our busy activities a lot of the children have enjoyed settling down with a good book. The children have been showing lots of interest in books this week and handling them with care. I have seen children reading independently and others choosing to read and look at the books together. This is amazing!


I hope you all have a lovely, well-deserved break! I already look forward to seeing you again and hearing all of the things, you get up to in half-term. With lots of love

Miss Mayer and Miss Boone x



Week commencing 12th October 2020


What a wonderful, busy week we have had. The children have been super busy with lots of different activities exploring all areas of our curriculum. This week we have focused on ‘all about me’ the children have been looking at what makes them special, differences and similarities between us all. The children have expressed some great communication and understanding skills to describe themselves and others. We have been very creative and used different materials to paint self-portraits.



In our outdoor area our learning has continued. We have been very interested in numbers around the environment, busy building our ideas and creating obstacle courses! The children made their own course that included jumping, weaving and balancing. Their physical development is always progressing.


In maths this week we have been working on our fine motor skills, strengthening our muscles ready for writing. The children showed great concentration and control when following the lines with pompoms and buttons. I am really please with all of the children’s attitudes to learning this week, they have all been amazingJ.



This weeks superstars!


Next we are celebrating Halloween, and I know the children are super excited for some spooky activities. It is our last week in school before half term and we are sure to make it a special one!


Speak soon,

Love Swans x


Week commencing 5th October 2020

What a wonderful week we have had in Swan class.

This week we have been exploring colours further and investigating what happens when we mix colours. This was lots of messy fun that we could not help getting our hands involved. We discovered red and blue make purple, yellow and red make orange, and blue and yellow make green!


Outside this week, we have being using our imagination and creating masterpieces with the construction materials. Assembling, joining, and manipulating the materials to have a planned effect. It was very impressive to see some fantastic teamwork! The children really enjoyed sharing ideas, and helping each other to bring their ideas to life. 



During maths, the children have become detectives! Once we identified 2D shapes, we explored the environment to see if we could make connections between objects and shapes. There were many shapes in our classroom and we did a great job finding them with our magnifying glasses.



In phonics this week, we have continued to practise initial sounds. I know the children have been practising these at home, as they have been so excited to tell me. I have even had some amazing work brought in of the children’s homework, which has been displayed on our proud cloud!

New learning! We have been looking at CVC words. Sounding out the individual sounds and blending them together to read words. We completed a word hunt outside and the children were amazing. Everybody is making progress and I am super proudJ



At the beginning of the week, I sent out starts for brilliant work or tasks the children are doing at home. I have had some of these back and love to have a look what the children are achieving. Please continue to bring these in so I can display your children’s hard work

Our super star achievers this week:

Week commencing 28th September



Hello October! My favourite month for woolly hats, beautiful colours, and many new opportunities for exploration in the environment. After discussing the change of the month, I know the children are looking forward to the Halloween celebrations.


 This week the children have had lots of discussion about colour and have created our very own colour monsters. We chose our own materials and colours to express different emotions. We looked at what colours represent being happy, sad, angry, calm and how we can feel different emotions at once. This week we will continue to explore colours in the environment. Take a look at some of amazing monsters.


Here in Swan Class we have not let the rain stop us from enjoying our outdoor area! It had a great effect on our ‘under the sea’ small world area. The children enjoyed playing in the water and exploring different animal that life under water. The children’s play is developing each day, learning new vocabulary and sharing experiences with friends.

I am super proud of all the children this week as they have been trying super hard learning their memory words. Every Friday we will host our own awards assembly to celebrate the children’s learning.

Here are our Superstars this week smiley

Let’s have another great week of learning!

Love Swans  

Week 4 week commencing 21.09.2020


This week we have truly settled into swan class! We feel comfortable around the classroom and many friendships have blossomed. We have had so much fun that September has flown by!

This week in phonics, we have been focusing on Phase 2 sounds and our ‘memory words’. As there are so many sounds to discover we have focused primarily on 's' 'a' 't' 'p' and ‘i’. We have been amazing linking sounds to words, such as t for tiger, a for apple and s for socks. To support our learning here at Waterside we use the ‘Jolly Phonics’ song to remember and practice our sounds – we love to sing along and join in with the actions! We will continue to develop our awareness of initial sounds to become Phase 2 Superstars.


We continue to enjoy our PE sessions with Bee Active learning all about different movements. This week we learnt about competition and that we do not always win but that is ok! We are happy for our friends and taking part is what counts. 



As much fun as we have inside, we have just as much outside! This week we have explored different construction materials and had lots of fun building. Just look at the amazing projects we have completed. Hamster homes, Ice-cream shops and a house we worked on together.



It has been a busy week here at Swan class so sitting down enjoying our treasure books daily has been wonderful. We are really enjoying our stories and have learnt so much about them. Please ask us about our books and I am sure we can tell you all about them.



Please continue to send in your email addresses so we can keep you up to date on ‘Class Dojo’ we love to share the great achievements your children have.

Love Swans, x

Week 3 week commencing 14.9.2020


This week we have had so much fun getting to know each other. Our teacher have completed our baseline assessments and feel like they really know us and love us already. In our classrooms we have been counting and matching numerals to quantity. We have listened to our new treasure books- these will be the stories that we did not know before and by half term we will know all about them! Here they are...




We have been thinking about our school values and the colours that match. It relates to Elmer-one of our treasure books and so we have added the story to our small world area! Take a look at us playing in our 'Elmer jungle'.



Outdoors we have been thinking about exercise and our gross motor skills. We have been climbing and moving in different ways during our Bee Active sessions and we have just loved the sunshine.




Have a super weekend and we will see you next week for another amazing week of learning in Swan Class heart

Week 1 and 2, weeks commencing 3.9.202 and 7.9.2020


Welcome to our first couple of weeks learning. This week we have been super busy getting to know the 'Waterside way'. We have worked really hard and we continue to get to know our teachers and the adults that we may come across in school so that no one is a stranger. We have thought about the routines in Reception and has even started to learn big words like RESPECT which is one of our super important values. We understand how important it is to respect our classroom provision, our teachers and most of all, all of our friends. 


We have met new friends, who we welcome to our school and our Swan Class and its been amazing to catch up with old friends who we may not have seen since way back in March!! We are practising how to tidy up all by ourselves and to be independent learners.


Its not all been learn learn learn this week. We have had so much fun exploring our new room, and teachers have spent a lot of time listening to us, to hear some of the wonderful things we already know so that they can see our starting points and our baselines. Its so much fun getting to know each other through and through. We have shown off what we know about numbers, letters, we've done some singing with great confidence and we have even done some super pictures. We are all super different but its what makes us a team and we have promised to always look after each other.

Have a look at some of our wonderful learning this week.


Love, Swans heart