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Our Nurture Provision


At Waterside we support all our children to achieve their full potential and recognise in order to do this there are times when they may require nurture provision. Nurture provision seeks to support our children to overcome barriers in their learning brought about by social, emotional or behaviour difficulties through short term, focussed intervention strategies. We recognise the need for children to form secure and happy relationships in their formative years and therefore we ensure our nurture groups provide the opportunity to revisit those early nurturing experiences.


The Six Principles of Nurture are:

1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally

2. The classroom offers a safe base

3. The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

4. Language is a vital means of communication

5. All behaviour is communication

6. The importance of transition in children’s live

 The interventions can take part as a small group or can be targeted to individual pupils following programmes. The Learning Mentor  carries out assessments to ensure they plan, do and review children’s progress over time. They also work closely to ensure the interventions support the academic and emotional development of children when in their classroom.