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Week Ending Friday 18th September 95.1%

Our Weekly Blog

Week commencing 16th November 2020





Well what a week we have had, at the beginning of the week we have been learning all about the season Autumn. The children already had a great understanding of Autumn from their previous learning in Nursey. Therefore, we have been building of this knowledge and introducing new learning. At the beginning of the week we went on a leaf hunt. This was inspired by our focus story 'Were going on a Leaf Hunt'. The children had a great time exploring their senses and finding different leaves.  

This story can be found on youtube, why not have a read with your children to recap our learning.





Also, we had lots of discussion about hibernation. Ask your child if they can tell you what hibernation is. The children were very interested in why the animal hibernate and where they hibernate for the Autumn and Winter. 


In our maths lesson this week we were looking at sequencing familiar events. The children sequenced their morning routine and could tell me all about their mornings. We are encouraging the children to use language of time including then, next, after and this is something we will continue to work on throughout the year.



We have wokred super hard this week and lots of child - led learning has taken place, here are some of the activities we have gotten up to this week. 


Unfortunately our week came to an end to quickly and our lovely bubble had to close. However, our super learning has continues with home learning. I am very impressed with the learning I have had in so far, you are all producing some great work! I hope you are all ok at home and I cant wait to see you very soon.

Keep sending me your amazing photographs and take a look at some super learning so far.

Until next week Miss Mayer x .



Week commencing 9th November 2020

We have had lots of fun in Swan class this week with so many celebrations. We have been learning about the Hindu festival, Diwali, also known as the festival of light. We have read and discussed the story ‘Dipals Diwali’ and I am amazed at how much the children have retained. I am sure they have been telling you all about it the different routines that take place, such as cleaning the house, buying new clothes to visit temple and having a big family feast.J



In celebration of Diwali, the children have completed lot of activities to support their understanding of the Hindu festival. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and had a go at some of the Hindu activities. The children made Diya’s, lanterns and rangoli patterns with the playdough, look at some of our amazing work. I am super impressed with the children’s fine motor skills, and the way they manipulated the dough to have a planned effect. The children’s skills are improving each day.



On Wednesday, we focused all of our activities on Remembrance Day. The children had a great understanding and enjoyed learning about our history. The children used their imagination and used different materials to create Remembrance Day poppies. They were amazing.


Thank you to everyone who brought a £1 donation for children in need. It was lovely to hear different ideas and opinions expressed by the children. They have great empathy and understanding of others who may be less fortunate than us. It was a chance to see our school values truly reflected in the children showing great respect, inspiration and much more.



Next week we will look at our new topic, the season Autumn. I look forward to this topic and I know the children will enjoy it too. We will base our learning around the stories ‘Were Going on a Leaf Hunt’ and ‘Leaf Man’. Feel free to read these to your children at home J


Have a lovely weekend, Miss Mayer x

Week commencing 2nd November 2020


Welcome back Swan class! It has been so good to see you all again and I have loved hearing about your holiday activitiesJ I am so proud of the way you have come back into school, with a great attitude to learning and have settled back into routine perfectly!


We have most definitely jumped straight back into learning with a busy, exciting week. Our learning this week has been focused around bonfire night. The children have enjoyed lots of different activities and learning about how bonfire night started. Our learning has been focused around the storySparks In the Sky’. The children showed great listening and attention skills when discussing and sequencing the story.



In maths this week, we have all learnt about ‘capacity’. This is new learning for the children and they have been great at discussing what is full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty. We have been ordering different objects and comparing properties with key mathematical language. Everyone was amazing!


Creating masterpieces! The children were really engaged in creating different fireworks with a variety of resources. We looked at different colours, how to represent fireworks and carefully used different resources to create different textures. The children were very imaginative and we had some great outcomes.


Meet our new treasure booksJ As it is a new term we have selected 4 new books to add to our treasure chest. We will read and discuss these new books until we know them inside out! We are very excited to read, and get to know our new books. Please ask your children about these at home and see how much we know already.



Our superstars this week:

So much learning has taken place this week it is hard to show every single bit. We have had so much fun with our bonfire activities, developing our fine motor skills, continuing to read CVC words (3 Letter words) and of course carrying on our learning outdoors! These are just a few pictures of us engaging in lots of learning. Most importantly, we have been practising writing our names, we are getting so good at this now and it would be amazing if we could continue to practice this at homeJ


I would just like to say how thankful I am with the homework set for half term. I have had some amazing 3D rockets coming into school and I can not wait to get them up on our display to show you. As always, you are amazing swans! Keep up the good workJ

Until next week,

Love Miss Mayer :) 

Week commencing 19th October 2020


Just like that, our first term is over! What an amazing, busy 8 weeks we have had. The best thing is watching the progression of every child from when they entered the classroom to now. In class this week we have had a Halloween theme. The children have enjoyed all of the activities set out. We have explored pumpkins, using their fine motor skills to carefully hammer pegs into the pumpkin. Decorating Halloween objects with a variety of resources. We even used pointillism to outline some spooky pictures!



In maths this week we have been looking at estimation. We have learnt how to have a good guess and predict how many objects are in a set. The children have really impressed me with this task and showed great counting skills. We counted from small and large groups, irregular arrangements and even looked at what happens when we have more or fewer sweets.


In our phonics lessons the children are so eager to learn more. As well as single sounds we are starting to look at digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound.) The children have picked this up really well and we are beginning to read simple words. Keep reading your books with family at home and bring your dairy in so we can see your hard work.


After all of our busy activities a lot of the children have enjoyed settling down with a good book. The children have been showing lots of interest in books this week and handling them with care. I have seen children reading independently and others choosing to read and look at the books together. This is amazing!


I hope you all have a lovely, well-deserved break! I already look forward to seeing you again and hearing all of the things, you get up to in half-term. With lots of love

Miss Mayer and Miss Boone x



Week commencing 12th October 2020


What a wonderful, busy week we have had. The children have been super busy with lots of different activities exploring all areas of our curriculum. This week we have focused on ‘all about me’ the children have been looking at what makes them special, differences and similarities between us all. The children have expressed some great communication and understanding skills to describe themselves and others. We have been very creative and used different materials to paint self-portraits.



In our outdoor area our learning has continued. We have been very interested in numbers around the environment, busy building our ideas and creating obstacle courses! The children made their own course that included jumping, weaving and balancing. Their physical development is always progressing.


In maths this week we have been working on our fine motor skills, strengthening our muscles ready for writing. The children showed great concentration and control when following the lines with pompoms and buttons. I am really please with all of the children’s attitudes to learning this week, they have all been amazingJ.



This weeks superstars!


Next we are celebrating Halloween, and I know the children are super excited for some spooky activities. It is our last week in school before half term and we are sure to make it a special one!


Speak soon,

Love Swans x


Week commencing 5th October 2020

What a wonderful week we have had in Swan class.

This week we have been exploring colours further and investigating what happens when we mix colours. This was lots of messy fun that we could not help getting our hands involved. We discovered red and blue make purple, yellow and red make orange, and blue and yellow make green!


Outside this week, we have being using our imagination and creating masterpieces with the construction materials. Assembling, joining, and manipulating the materials to have a planned effect. It was very impressive to see some fantastic teamwork! The children really enjoyed sharing ideas, and helping each other to bring their ideas to life. 



During maths, the children have become detectives! Once we identified 2D shapes, we explored the environment to see if we could make connections between objects and shapes. There were many shapes in our classroom and we did a great job finding them with our magnifying glasses.



In phonics this week, we have continued to practise initial sounds. I know the children have been practising these at home, as they have been so excited to tell me. I have even had some amazing work brought in of the children’s homework, which has been displayed on our proud cloud!

New learning! We have been looking at CVC words. Sounding out the individual sounds and blending them together to read words. We completed a word hunt outside and the children were amazing. Everybody is making progress and I am super proudJ



At the beginning of the week, I sent out starts for brilliant work or tasks the children are doing at home. I have had some of these back and love to have a look what the children are achieving. Please continue to bring these in so I can display your children’s hard work

Our super star achievers this week:

Week commencing 28th September



Hello October! My favourite month for woolly hats, beautiful colours, and many new opportunities for exploration in the environment. After discussing the change of the month, I know the children are looking forward to the Halloween celebrations.


 This week the children have had lots of discussion about colour and have created our very own colour monsters. We chose our own materials and colours to express different emotions. We looked at what colours represent being happy, sad, angry, calm and how we can feel different emotions at once. This week we will continue to explore colours in the environment. Take a look at some of amazing monsters.


Here in Swan Class we have not let the rain stop us from enjoying our outdoor area! It had a great effect on our ‘under the sea’ small world area. The children enjoyed playing in the water and exploring different animal that life under water. The children’s play is developing each day, learning new vocabulary and sharing experiences with friends.

I am super proud of all the children this week as they have been trying super hard learning their memory words. Every Friday we will host our own awards assembly to celebrate the children’s learning.

Here are our Superstars this week smiley

Let’s have another great week of learning!

Love Swans  

Week 4 week commencing 21.09.2020


This week we have truly settled into swan class! We feel comfortable around the classroom and many friendships have blossomed. We have had so much fun that September has flown by!

This week in phonics, we have been focusing on Phase 2 sounds and our ‘memory words’. As there are so many sounds to discover we have focused primarily on 's' 'a' 't' 'p' and ‘i’. We have been amazing linking sounds to words, such as t for tiger, a for apple and s for socks. To support our learning here at Waterside we use the ‘Jolly Phonics’ song to remember and practice our sounds – we love to sing along and join in with the actions! We will continue to develop our awareness of initial sounds to become Phase 2 Superstars.


We continue to enjoy our PE sessions with Bee Active learning all about different movements. This week we learnt about competition and that we do not always win but that is ok! We are happy for our friends and taking part is what counts. 



As much fun as we have inside, we have just as much outside! This week we have explored different construction materials and had lots of fun building. Just look at the amazing projects we have completed. Hamster homes, Ice-cream shops and a house we worked on together.



It has been a busy week here at Swan class so sitting down enjoying our treasure books daily has been wonderful. We are really enjoying our stories and have learnt so much about them. Please ask us about our books and I am sure we can tell you all about them.



Please continue to send in your email addresses so we can keep you up to date on ‘Class Dojo’ we love to share the great achievements your children have.

Love Swans, x

Week 3 week commencing 14.9.2020


This week we have had so much fun getting to know each other. Our teacher have completed our baseline assessments and feel like they really know us and love us already. In our classrooms we have been counting and matching numerals to quantity. We have listened to our new treasure books- these will be the stories that we did not know before and by half term we will know all about them! Here they are...




We have been thinking about our school values and the colours that match. It relates to Elmer-one of our treasure books and so we have added the story to our small world area! Take a look at us playing in our 'Elmer jungle'.



Outdoors we have been thinking about exercise and our gross motor skills. We have been climbing and moving in different ways during our Bee Active sessions and we have just loved the sunshine.




Have a super weekend and we will see you next week for another amazing week of learning in Swan Class heart

Week 1 and 2, weeks commencing 3.9.202 and 7.9.2020


Welcome to our first couple of weeks learning. This week we have been super busy getting to know the 'Waterside way'. We have worked really hard and we continue to get to know our teachers and the adults that we may come across in school so that no one is a stranger. We have thought about the routines in Reception and has even started to learn big words like RESPECT which is one of our super important values. We understand how important it is to respect our classroom provision, our teachers and most of all, all of our friends. 


We have met new friends, who we welcome to our school and our Swan Class and its been amazing to catch up with old friends who we may not have seen since way back in March!! We are practising how to tidy up all by ourselves and to be independent learners.


Its not all been learn learn learn this week. We have had so much fun exploring our new room, and teachers have spent a lot of time listening to us, to hear some of the wonderful things we already know so that they can see our starting points and our baselines. Its so much fun getting to know each other through and through. We have shown off what we know about numbers, letters, we've done some singing with great confidence and we have even done some super pictures. We are all super different but its what makes us a team and we have promised to always look after each other.

Have a look at some of our wonderful learning this week.


Love, Swans heart