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Week Ending Friday 18th September 95.1%

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Week Commencing: 21st September 2020

And just like that September is nearly over and we have almost done a whole month in Reception and we have already learnt so much in that short time!

We have been really focusing on days of the week since the children have come back to school, every morning we discuss what day it is, what day it will be the next day and the day it was yesterday. We also know their are 7 days a week, what days we come to school and what days we have in the weekend, I have attached the video we use to sing to help us remember the days!

Days of the Week Sing-along Song

daysofweek #songsforteaching A sing-along to teach the days of the week (lyrics below). purchase this song on iTunes: Watch another day...

We have also done lots of phonics work this week, we have started to learn the phase 2 sounds and the 'memory words', which are sometimes referred to as 'tricky words' but nothing is too tricky for our Droplets. This week we have learnt that each letter has a name and a sound like an animal does e.g. a Lion's name is Lion but it makes the sound "Roar", our main focus at the moment is the letter sounds not names as this is what we need to know to begin reading. At Waterside we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics programme alongside the 'Jolly Phonics' songs and actions, we don't learn the sounds in order of the alphabet so this week we have looked at the sounds, s,a,t,p and i. 

The children have been excellent and can recognise many of these sounds and can say words which begin with that sounds e.g. s for sock, a for ant and t for toe. The children are developing their awareness of initial sounds and many can say what sound they can hear at the beginning of simple words.

Another important aspect of our phonics development is the children's understanding of rhyme, so this week we have been finding words which rhyme with each other and then completing a rhyming string e.g. cat, bat, hat, rat, mat.


We have also been working on our fine motor skills and we have been using scissors to cut snips in paper, cutting straight and wavy lines and cutting out circles and squares. The children were fantastic at discussing the importance of how to be safe with scissors and what safety protocols we have to follow.


We don't spend all of our time learning indoors we spent half of our learning time outdoors too and we have been super busy this week doing lots of things such as playing football, writing our numbers, building, singing and dancing. 


We have also been reading our half term treasure books which we absolutely love, ask your children all about them, they have so much knowledge about them all and can describe what happens in great detail.


Hopefully next week all of the children will get a reading book and diary sent home for you to enjoy and for your child to read with you smiley Keep sending in your email addresses and accept our invitation to 'Class Dojo' to get messages from me and our little Ducks.

-See you next week heart


Week Commencing: 14th September 2020


What a super busy week we have had in Duck Class this week! The children are now fully embedded into our class routines and expectations and they come into school everyday with such big smiles ready to learn which is just amazing. Lots of new friendships are being made and this has resulted in some fantastic imagination play in both the indoors and outdoors. We have also really enjoyed the sunshine, it was a nice surprise and the children loved to exploring, having fun and learning outside in the September Sun.


When we teach maths and in particular number activities we often use 'Numberblocks' as a concept that the children can relate to and this week in our independent free learning many of the children used the multi-link cubes to make them, they started at one and then worked their way up to 10. This sparked lots of conversations and the children began to work collaboratively, working well in pairs and they were all so proud of themselves showing our characteristic of learning of 'being proud of their own achievements'.


This week we have begun our weekly 'Sound pots' session which is ran by the City Music Service, it is slightly different to last year but I was so proud of how well the children adapted to the changes and they were such super stars! We absolutely love music in Duck Class and we are so lucky to have a music specialist teaching us every week, we have so much fun!


This week we have spent most of the week engaging with the children, playing and exploring with them and really getting to know them and it has been lovely watching the children's personalities shine through. I have taken so many photographs of the children doing fabulous learning but here are a few of my favourites from the week laugh


Please remember that Friday is our PE day so the children need to wear their sports kit all daysmiley We will be sending out letters about 'Class Dojo' so we can start sharing your child's special moments with you and any messages we have. We are also frequently updating our school twitter account, follow us at @Watersidestoke to see what we are up to in Duck Class laugh

Have a lovely weekend x

Week Commencing: 7th September 2020

It has been just lovely seeing our Reception classes full to capacity again which the children playing and learning together and having fun. Our Duck Class and Swan Class children access provision in both rooms and in the outdoors and it has been lovely to see the children seeing their friends especially friends they may not have seen for 6 months! The children have settled in sensationally and I am so proud of them, it is lovely to see them coming to school every day with such big smiles laugh. The first few weeks in Reception are all about settling in, understanding our routines, expectations and making good relationships with staff and their peers, it has only been a few days but I feel like we have been together for ages! The children have been superstars at washing their hands, making sure they are keeping clean and keeping the germs away and completely understand why it is so important! I feel so lucky to have the very best children and I cannot wait to watch them grow and flourish throughout the year!

To be able to plan effectively we spend the first few weeks seeing what learning the children know and what areas we can develop, we have been very busy exploring!


Next week we are hoping to start our full timetable and begin to teach around 'Myself and my emotions', after the past few months we think it is vital that the children are able to talk about themselves and their thoughts and feelings and we will be doing that few the concept of 'mood monsters'.

We cannot wait to show you all of our learning next week smiley

Miss Davies x