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Sports Day - Friday 9th July


Today we took part in our very own sports day. We had lots of fun completing different races alongside our friends. We cheered each other on and shouted lots of words of encouragement. We watched Swan class and they watched us. It was great to have them in the audience. We took part in 5 races each; including running, hurdles, egg and spoon race, sack race and finally the relay race, where we worked as a team.

We had so much fun, we had stickers and certificates too during our rewards assembly at the end of the day. 


'I like the egg and spoon race because it was fun to balance the egg on the spoon.' (Ellia)


'The sack race was my favourite because I liked jumping up and down.' (Muneeb)


'I love sports day because I like to race with my friends.' (Olivia)


Take a look at our photos below to see what fun we had and how well all the children did in their sports day this year. I was exceptionally proud of each and everyone of them.



Week 37 - W/C 28th June


This week we have been continuing our work linked to the story of 'The Three Little Pigs.'


In English this week, we have been writing letters to the wolf from the three little pigs. We talked about how the pigs would be feeling and what they might want to say to the wolf. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and produced some sensational work. We focused on applying our phonics in writing, clear finger spaces, full stops and pre cursive letter formation. We also began to look at capital letter for the beginning of a sentence.



In Maths, we have been focussing on making and recognising patterns. We used straws and pompoms to create our own patterns. We also used our problem solving skills to recognise the mistakes in the given patterns. 

Throughout the week in our provision, we also looked at 1 more/1 less and addition and subtraction. The children are improving in confidence with their mental recall =)



We practised running for our up and coming sports day and we used positional language to talk about position.



In reading, we have been working on our fluency and application of phonics, as well as our comprehension. What a huge improvement we are seeing in confidence when reading too =)



As always, we have been busy in both our indoor and outdoor provision. Take a look to see what we have been learning this week. 



Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday xx


Week 36 - 21st June 2021


This week we have ben looking at the story of 'The Three Little Pigs.' We have enjoyed the story and linking all our learning in our indoor and outdoor provision to the text.


In English this week, we have been using descriptive language to describe the big bad wolf.

We created a bank of words to describe him and then applied these into sentences using our phonics knowledge. We also worked hard to ensure our letter were formed pre cursively, sat on the line and ascenders and descenders clearly formed. We are getting really good at using clear finger spaces and adding full stops to show the end of our sentences too. 


In Maths this week, we having been looking at 3D shapes within our environment, using key language to describe their properties talking about the number of sides and vertices.

We also looked at ordering numbers to 20, completing number sequences counting forwards and backwards as well as 1 more and 1 less.

We have also been looking at time. We played 'The Big Bad Wolf' using the language of time, taking  turns and listening to our peers. We also drew the hands on the clock face to show o'clock times and discuss what we do at the different times. 


As part of our understanding of the world and art and design, we created the three little pigs houses using, straws, sticks and bricks. We worked together as a team to make them talking about the properties of the materials and what we could do to make each of the houses stronger. We then used a hair dryer to pretend to be the wolf, we had lots of fun. The brick house did not blow down because it was the strongest.


Week 35 - W/C 14th June


Another sensational week in Duck Class this week. Children completed some superb homework creating missing posters for our ginger bread men and thanks to their hard work and creativity we finally found them and they returned safely to the classroom.


This week we have continued with the story of 'The Gingerbread Man.'

We started the week by decorating our biscuits we made and used our own ideas for how to design them. They looked fabulous and tasted yummy too!


In English, we wrote a set of instructions for how to make a gingerbread man, drawing upon our knowledge of making them from last week to support us. We used the language of time to show order for example first, next, then, finally. We also made sure we formed our letter pre cursively, sitting the letters on the line, used clear finger spaces and included full stops at the end. We started to talk about capital letters at the beginning of a sentence too and as always the importance of reading our work back to ourselves to ensure it makes sense.



In Maths, we looked at finding and recognising half of a shape. We discussed that a half is two equal pieces of the same size. The children showed excellent understand and were able to confidently colour half of the different 2D shapes.


We have been working hard in our reading this week, completing small guided reading group sessions and 1:1 reading. We made sure we applied our phonics knowledge and segmented and blended the words. We discussed the meaning of new vocabulary as well as what we had read and answered related questions. 


We created our own Father's Day cards for our special daddies/grandads ready for Sunday. We made medals and wrote a special message inside for them =)


This week was also healthy eating week. We discussed a healthy, balanced diet and created our own healthy lunchbox. 


On Friday, we came to school wearing hats to help raise awareness and money for Brain Tumour research. 


Take a look at what else we have been up to this week in both our indoor and outdoor provision. 


Have a fantastic weekend, have lots of fun, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all back in the classroom on Monday for another week of fun, learning and laughter.

Miss Bickerton-Dean x


Week 34 - W/C 7th June 2021


Well what a sensational week back we have had after half term. The children all returned to school raring to go, full of energy and as always enthusiastic to learn and explore in both their indoor and outdoor provision.


Over the next few weeks, our book focus will be on traditional tales. This week we focussed on the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' and what fun we had.



In maths, we baked our very own gingerbread men, focussing on capacity and weight. We used the language of full, empty, heavy, light, heaviest and lightest to compare. We had lots of fun making them and using the rolling pin to roll the dough and manipulate to create our individual gingerbread men.


I took the gingerbread men home that night to cook for the children, but when I returned to school the following day I had some news for the children.....the cheeky gingerbread men and ran away and escaped as I opened the oven door and there has been n sighting of them since so that led us to our English focus this week. We decided that we needed to create a wanted poster to describe them to see if anyone could help us capture them. We focused on applying our phonics knowledge, using clear finger spaces and full stops as well as ensuring our letters are pre cursive showing clear ascenders and descenders. 


We also worked as a team to think creatively for how the gingerbread man could cross the river instead of being eaten by the fox. The children came up with some sensational alternative endings and decided to make a bridge to help him. They used crates, tuft spots to add water and other resources to create it and took on board one others ideas. 



We also had lots of fun creating music and dance to different parts of the story too. We looked and rhythm, changing the sound to loud and quiet as well as speed fast and slow. 


We are working hard on our reading, applying our phonics knowledge and applying into words, captions and sentences.


We went outside and drew around our friends with chalk, creating our own gingerbread men and using different resources and materials to add details. Excellent team work. 


We also had lots of fun exploring the different provision in both our indoor and outdoor classroom. Take a look below.


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine.


Miss Bickerton-Dean xx




Week 32 - W/C 17th May 2021



This week saw Duck class working from home due to our bubble closure. The children completed all learning through live teams lessons and remote learning via the website. All the children blew me away with their sensational attitude to learning, determination and resilience. They all adapted to the new routine and expectations and rose to the challenges set.  I couldn't have asked for anymore from them, I am beyond proud of you all. 

A huge thank you to all the amazing parents/siblings who have supported with home learning. I know it hasn't been easy but you have done yourselves and the children proud, so from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you. It really was sensational to have the children access the daily live lessons and registers and really made a difference for us to see each other, share learning and end of day stories.



This week our focus text has been 'The Teeny Weeny Tadpole' written by Sheridan Cain. 

We shared the story and discussed the story structure including the main characters and settings, as well as the beginning, middle and end. Following this we used what we had read from the story to make predictions for what might happen next.


In writing, we wrote about the life cycle of a frog and talked about the four stages.

We used the story we had read to support us as well as a through song and animations. 

The children worked hard to write super sentences including applying phonics knowledge, finger spaces and full stops. They also tried exceptionally hard to form their letter pre cursively, with ascender and descenders correctly formed. 



We also recreated the life cycle of a frog by using a variety of resources and materials. 


In Maths, we have been working hard on our number. We looked at addition and subtraction using key vocabulary and used practical activities to support us. If confident the children were challenged to write the number sentences too. We also focused on doubling, halving and number bonds. The children worked exceptionally hard to completed all challenges set =)



We had lots of fun in phonics learning new sounds and practising reading and writing our memory words too =)



I can't wait to be back together as we return to the classroom on Monday 24th May. 

Have a lovely weekend between the rain showers.

Miss Bickerton-Dean x




Week 31 - W/C 10th May 2021


This week we have been continuing with our learning on minibeasts, however our focus this week was on life cycles. We looked at the life cycle of a butterfly and linked all our learning to the story of 'The Crunching, Munching Caterpillar' written by Sheridan Cain. Through lots of book talk the children were able to work on their comprehension to recall the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end. The children had lots of fun learning all about the butterfly life cycle and exploring the process and even developed lots of new vocabulary including metamorphosis, pupa, chrysalis and lava. 




We manipulated the playdough to recreate the life cycle of a butterfly. The children worked together, drawing on their knowledge of life cycles to create the different stages of the butterfly life cycle.  They then used key vocabulary to verbally explain the process and used different resources, materials and tools to create their desired outcome. Lots of fun was had!



In Maths this week we looked at time. The children used their clocks to shows the given o'clock times on the leaves. If secure in this, the children were challenged to show half past times. They blew me away with their confidence in showing both o'clock and half past times independently. Time is something that is great to work on at home with the children too so that they are secure ready for Year 1.




As always we had lots of fun learning in our indoor and outdoor environments. Take a look to see what we have been up to this week =)



This week saw our bubble close for a short isolation period and so our learning will continue via our home learning page and live lessons on Teams. We kick started this on Friday and I was amazed by the hard work and determination you showed in completing your tasks to the best of your abilities. I know we are all really sad not being together in class but before you know it we will be back together having lots of fun. Until them I look forward to seeing you daily on Teams.


Take care and as always please contact me via class dojo if you have any questions.


Miss Bickerton-Dean xxx



Week 30 - W/C 3rd May 2021


This week we have been continuing our learning about minibeasts linked to the text 'Mad about Minibeasts'. 

The children have really been wowing us with their knowledge of minibeasts and have been working as hard as ever in all their learning both inside and outside the classroom.


In English this week, we wrote about what we could see in our garden. We used the picture stimulus and described the minibeasts we could see. We used repetition to help us with our writing for example 'I can see the worm in the soil. I can see the yellow and black bee.' 

The children used what they could see along with their knowledge of minibeasts to complete their captions/sentences and worked hard to form their letters pre cursively. I was very proud of each and everyone of them for the writing they produced. They used their phonic knowledge to segment and blend to write the words and the confidence in doing this has grown immensely. 




This week in Maths we celebrated NSPCC day. We bought in potatoes and carrots from home  and had a competition to see who had the heaviest potato and the longest carrot. We sorted the carrots into size order from shortest to longest and ordered the carrots numbered 1-20. We also created patterns with the vegetables. We had lots of fun learning about measure and weight whilst raising money for a wonderful charity.  



In reading this week we shared a text together in our group and each read a simple sentence, we used our application of phonics to support us. We then answered questions linked to the text we had read, discussing the characters, setting and key events.


In our indoor provision we have been busy exploring minibeast habitats in our small world and messy play, creating habitats in our construction area, using our knowledge of patterns to make or complete the minibeast patterns in our Maths area, sorted words according to their sound and applying into sentences at our phonic station as well as many other things. Take a look below to see us busy at work.  



We have also had lots of fun it outdoor provision. Take a look at what we have been up to =)



Have a fantastic weekend and as always if you need anything please do get in touch via class dojo.

Take care Miss Bickerton-Dean xx


Week Commencing 26th April 2021

What another busy week we have had in duck class. The children have continued to wow with their sensational behaviour, positive attitude and thirst for learning. 


This week we have been focusing on our new topic of 'minibeasts'. We have linked our learning to the text 'Mad about minibeasts' written by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz.



In Maths, we have been focusing on 1 more and 1 less. We used the buzzy bees to recall 1 more and 1 less than the given number. We used a number line to support us but also worked a lot on our mental recall


In English, we have been focusing on our pre cursive handwriting and application of phonics. We made our very own minibeasts and described them as part of our English lesson. What a supper job they all did too!


We have also been working hard in our reading this week, applying our phonics and segmenting and blending to decode unfamiliar words. We read the captions about minibeasts and matched to the correct picture. We also read our home reading books and answered related questions worked on our understanding of the text.



We also had lots of fun learning and exploring in our outdoor provision. Take a look at some of the fun we have had!


Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend. As always if you need me please contact me via class dojo. I look forward to seeing you all back at school on Tuesday.


Miss Bickerton-Dean x




Week commencing 19th April 2021

Well what a sensational first week back we have had in Ducks Class. This week has been my first week in class with the children and what an absolute pleasure it has been. They have all shown sensational behaviour, impeccable manners, a thirst for learning and have been a wonderful in helping me with the daily routines. 


This week we have been focussing on 'friendship'. We linked our learning to a story called 'How to grow a friend' written by the author Sara Gillingham for our stimulus and we discussed what makes a good friend. The children gave lots of fantastic examples of how to be a good friend and discussed when they had been one too. It was great to see them speak with such confidence and listen so attentively to their peers.



In our Literacy this week, we used the stimulus text to write about what makes a good friend. The children used the book along with their own examples to write simple words, captions and sentences. We focused on applying our phonics and segmenting and blending the words before writing as well trying hard to form our letters pre cursively ensuring ascenders and descenders were clearly formed. 



In Maths this week, our focus has been on subtraction and using practical objects to count back to find the answer. We used pompoms, counted how many there were altogether and then how many were left if we gave some to our friends. The children tried really hard with this and even challenged themselves to writing the number sentence using the subtraction symbol e.g.

6 - 2 = 4


In our independent provision, we have been creating potions and writing our own friendship potions. We drew pictures of our friends and labelled, explaining why they are special to us and created friendship flowers in our art area. In the outdoor are we enjoyed exploring the different activities and showing acts of kindness and friendship. 



This week, our whole school focus was linked to our Waterside Values. Each year group had a different value to focus on and ours've guessed it 'friendship'. On Friday we came to school in colour to represent these values, it was lovely to see such bright colours. Each class created a display to showcase their value and show the amazing work they had produced. As our value was friendship we made our display as pink as possible. Take a look at our display below, we are very proud of what we produced =)



Have a fantastic weekend in the sunshine and as always if you have any questions or need to speak to me please contact me through class dojo or on the door at the end of the day. Take care.

Miss Bickerton-Dean xx



Week Commencing 22nd March 2021

This week we have been focusing on plants, flowers and growth as it is spring and we know it is the best time to sow seeds ready for them to grow. This week we have focused on the story 'Plant's never sit still', it is a story which has really made us think and we have loved exploring the idea that plants are always moving, we particularly enjoyed watching videos with a time lapse to see in speed the process of a plant growing from a seed.


We have looked at flowers in our independent learning and used magnifying glasses to look at them closely and we then labelled parts of the the flower and we have also been using lots of new vocabulary to talk about what each part of a plant does. 


As the weather has been nice this week we have been into our garden area and have planted seeds and bulbs in our planters and pots, the children showed fantastic understanding of what a plant needs to grow talking about, soil, nutrients, water and sunshine. We have been tending to our seeds everyday and we cannot wait to watch our seeds grow, we are so excited! smiley

We then blew Miss Davies away when we wrote a set of instructions to tell people how to plant and seed and to make it grow into a plant or flower. The children wrote each step in the correct order using their pre cursive handwriting, phase 2 and phase 3 phonics knowledge and some even used finger spaces through out. It was a longer piece of writing and we did an amazing job!


Next week we are going to be looking at Easter and the Easter story before we have our half term break, I cannot believe we are coming to the end of the spring term! 

Speak to you next week, Miss Davies coolheart

Week Commencing 15th March 

This week we have focused our learning around spring and what changes have occurred since Winter and if we can spot any signs of spring in our immediate environment. We have used the story 'Is it Spring yet?' as our stimulus this week and have been building up our vocabulary when talking about the world around us.

We went on a spring walk, although it was cold and cloudy and not the weather we expected we saw many signs of spring such as flowers growing like daffodils and daisies, the grass is growing taller, the trees have leaves beginning to grow and some have buds appearing. We also saw a lot more birds as they are coming back from migrating, it was lovely listening to the birds singing, we wanted to see a rainbow the most as we know they appear often in Spring but we didn't get to see one sad


When we got back into the classroom we then did some independent writing about spring in our literacy books, we wrote some fantastic sentences, captions and words about spring and what we saw on our walk and what other things we would expect to see e.g. baby animals being born.


In Maths this week we have been ordering and sequencing numbers, I was so impressed with the children as they worked in a small team to order numbers 0-20 independently! Ordering numbers to 20 is one of Early Learning Goals and the children did a fantastic job with us only being in Spring 2. 


This week Miss Davies has made a flower shop as our new role play area, it has such a large variety of flowers for the children to buy, each coloured flower is a different price. The children showed they have a fantastic understanding of money and its values, the children looked at the price of their flower and could then select the correct number of pennies to pay for it. The children were also very imaginative with their narrative and could build on others play and also involves in their play and ideas.


It has also been red nose day and we came dressed in our best red or spotty clothes or we even came as a super hero! We discussed the importance of red nose day and why we give money to charity and what a charity is. We also discussed how others are not always as lucky as us and why we should appreciate all of the things we have got. We designed our own red noses and then in the afternoon we all chose a super hero character and we used speech bubbles to write what we thought a super hero might say!


It has also been very busy in the outdoor areas and we have done lots of independent and facilitated learning, it makes us so happy that the weather is starting to improve as we love learning outdoors!


Next week we are going to be focusing on how to plant a seed and what we need to do to make the seed grow into a flower! We are also going to look at fiction and non fiction books all about flowers and growing.

Until next week, Miss Davies heart

Week Commencing 8th March 2021

It has been the most wonderful week having all of the children back together again for the first time since January, the children all arrived on Monday morning with big smiles on their faces and we have had a week full of fun, learning and laughter. 


We began the week looking at our previous learning from the last few weeks, we have consolidated our knowledge of animals which live on the farm and we now know our next steps for the incoming weeks, I was very impressed with the children's knowledge of Mothers and their baby animals, the children used fantastic vocabulary. 

 It has been a long time since we last heard some of the children read face to face and not via a digital device so it was lovely to listen to the children read and show the progress they have made in their reading skills this year. We also asked lots of questions to see the children's understanding and comprehension skills and we had fabulous discussions about their books. 


In Maths for our adult led session we looked at the concept of weight, it is an area we focused on during our remote and school learning and it was great to hear all of the mathematical language which the children were using as they ordered 5 objects correctly from the heaviest to the lightest. 

It is a very special day on Sunday, it is Mother's Day and a very special day to us all and we have spent the week talking about our Mums, discussing all of the things they do for us, why they are so important and why we love them so much! We have all made a Mother's Day card to give as a surprise on Sunday and we have all written very carefully with our best handwriting inside. 


This week it is Science week so we have done lots of different things all around science, we have looked at flowers, we dissected them looking at the different parts in great detail using magnifying glasses. We then did some observation drawing various types of flowers and then labelled each part using the correct vocabulary. Next week we are excited to plant our own seeds in our garden area ready for spring and for them to begin to grow. 

We have also done some predicting as we looked at floating and sinking, we had many objects and we had to predict if we thought they would float or sink and then explain why we thought that. The children used more great vocabulary of weight which linked to our maths work. 


We have had a lovely week and next week we are busy again with lots of different things such as Saint Patricks Day and Red Nose Day.

Speak to you all next week laugh

-Miss Davies heart



Week Commencing 1st March

And just like that it is March and we have had some lovely sunshine which the children have enjoyed exploring in the outdoor area and we cannot wait to start planting in our garden area and seeing what we can get to grow.

This week has also been our last week with some of our lovely ducks learning at home and we cannot wait to all be together learning and having fun.

On Monday we celebrated Saint David's Day, the children at home and school did lots of activities and we enjoyed having our class assembly all together at school and on teams. We really liked designing our own dragons like the one of the Welsh flag.

It was also World Book Day on Thursday and we all got to spend the day in our pyjamas and reading and enjoying our favourite stories. We spent most of the day with our friends at home via teams and they loved hearing all of the stories with the children brought into school. In the morning we all completed activities on the story 'Handa's Surprise' and in the afternoon we looked at the stories 'The Rainbow Fish', 'Max goes around the world' and 'On the Farm'. In school we also listened to lots of stories whilst enjoying a hot chocolate and a biscuit and it was nice to have such a relaxing time.

In PE this week with Bee Active we have been practising our bat and object skills, we also worked in pairs to hit the bean bag back and forwards to each other and then we got put into teams to relay using the bat and bean bag to see which team was the quickest.

Our PE sessions have now gone back to a Friday with Mr Franklin and we are so excited to have Mrs Davies back on Wednesday for Soundpots. 

I hope you all have a lovely restful weekend before some normality resumes on Monday and we are all back together, I am hoping we still see some sunshine as we are going to go on a spring walk in the week smiley

I cannot wait to see you all on Monday morning with lots of smiles.

-Miss Davies heart

Week Commencing 22nd March

What a surprise to see some warm sunshine so early on in the year, it felt that spring is on its way and the children absolutely loved learning and exploring in the outdoor area without the need to wrap up with hats, scarves and gloves.

This week has been our assessment week for all children, I had one to one sessions with the children at home via teams and I am so proud of the progress that the children have made and that is down to the hard work of all of the parents how are home schooling but now we have one more week until we are all together again and we are very excitied. The children who have been at school during the past half term have also made lots of progress and they have worked so hard and have achieved great things, I am very excited about the next half term and learning we are going to do smiley


This half term we are learning about 'The Farm' and 'Spring', as it has been assessment week we have used the week to recap on previous learning from Nursery about animals on the farm. We have been using the book 'Wake up time on Bumble Farm' and the children have shown great knowledge of animals we would find on the farm and they can talk about what the animals look like, what they eat and what sound they make.

The children have been very busy in the environment completing their independent learning as we have been doing assessments.

Next week is our last week on home learning and school learning seperately and we cannot wait for the 8th March, to be togther again as we havent for two months and I know the children have missed their friends and we have missed everyone although we see our home learners every day. 

Next week we have lots of events such as Saint David's Day and World Book Day so it is going to be very busy smiley Have a super weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Miss Davies heart

Week Commencing 8th March 2021

What a busy last week of half term we have had, this week we have looked at two traditions celebrated by different religions and the origins and meaning behind each celebration.

These celebrations are Pancake Day and Chinese New Year.

On Monday and Tuesday we focused on Pancake Day, using the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes', we loved using the information from the book to

make our very own pancakes. They were delicious and we loved eating them especially with chocolate spread on them.

We then either wrote our own shopping list for the ingredients we needed to make the pancakes our wrote our own recipe to help Mr Wolf to make the pancakes. The children were also excellent at using their pancake knowledge to be imaginative to make their own and were fantastic at talking about where different ingredients come from e.g. milk comes from cows and eggs come from chickens.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we focused on Chinese New Year, how it is celebrated on New Years Eve and New Years Day. We looked at the Chinese Zodiac story and the similarities and differences between where we live and China. 

We also had lots of Chinese items to look at and play with, we really loved using the sushi set and wearing the Chinese hats.

For our fine motor activity this week we made Chinese symbols, the children were fantastic and really spent a long time concentrating on what they were doing.

After learning about the Zodiac Story I was blown away by the children's knowledge of the story and many of the children could remember the order of all 12 animals in the story and they used ordinal numbers when talking with confidence.

Very excitingly this week we have had a new role play and it is now a hairdressers and the imaginative and co-operative play the children has shown has been a pleasure and I am so proud of the progress in their play and vocabulary. 

Lastly as it was going to be Valentine's Day on the Sunday we made the people we love most a special card to make them smile laugh

To end the half term on Friday afternoon we have a Chinese feast, we all tried different food such as rice, noodles, spring rolls and prawn crackers. It was a fantastic end to a very busy yet wonderful half term. 

I hope you all have a peaceful half term, making memories and finding ways of having fun smiley

Stay Safe & I will see you in a week

Miss Davies heart

Week Commencing 1st February 2021

That is the first month of 2021 complete, it was not the month of learning we thought we were going to have but the progress and learning has been fantastic smiley

This week we have been looking at our local area and road safety, I have been super impressed with the knowledge the children have retained and I am so proud of their understand of the need for safety. 

We read the story of 'Super cats road safety' and it was an excellent way for us to learn about the high way code.

We also discussed what we would find in our local area and why we needed certain places such as the post office, car garage and churches. The children also drew maps to show their local area, they contained lots of detail and I was so pleased to see the presentation skills the children showed.

The children at home and school have been working on their phonics skills, particularly writing words which contain 4-5 sounds and writing captions where each word is sounded out correctly. The children have done a fantastic job of developing their pre cursive letters.

We have been busy learning in our environment and accessing activities independently.

Next week we are learning about pancake day and chinese new year, all about the celebrations, there importance and origins smiley

See you next week heart

Week Commencing 25th January 2021 

Just like that we say 'Goodbye' to January and 'Hello February', this week the children have been focusing on being healthy and understanding unhealthy and healthy food. It has been a busy week at both home and school and I am so proud of everyone for their learning this week. 

We are now in the full flow of live learning, Miss Davies is doing daily registers, phonics, numbers and patterns and a story to end the day together smiley It has been lovely to see all of the children at home and being able to have a conversation with you everyday. 

At school we have been sorting food into the two groups: 'healthy and unhealthy', we can talk about the foods we should be eating everyday and the foods we can eat but in moderation. We also discussed what would happen if we ate too much of a certain food. The children at home drew themselves a table and the drew and labelled to each side, we had some amazing drawings laugh

We have also been exploring different fruit using various tools and techniques, this has also helped with our fine motor skills; developing the muscles in our fingers and hands. We love to explore in Reception so we loved doing this activity.

We have also all done some observational drawings, looking at different fruits and discussing their shape, colour and texture before drawing them in a fruit bowl, I was amazed at the standard and I was one very proud teacher laugh


We have also been thinking about how we can be safe when we use different equipment such as knives, at home and at school we have been making fruit kebabs and fruit salads, carefully cutting the fruit and using our senses to talk about the fruit which we used. I think every bodies favourite part was when we could finally eat what we had made!


We have also been busy in the classroom accessing the different activities that have been put out in the provision, we have been making Mr Potato heads, using the straws to make shapes, talking about capacity in the water tray and practising our pre cursive handwriting in our new 'letter formation station'.

Next week we are learning all about our local area and road safety! 

Have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you all on Monday.

Miss Davies heart

Week Commencing 18th January 2021

Hello my little Ducks smiley Another excellent week of working at home and at school, I am so proud of you all. Even though half of us are at home and half at school I have felt like we have been more normal this week after seeing you all through my live learning. We are going to continue with live lessons next week as it has worked really well and I have had lots of positive feedback laugh

In maths at school we have been using dominoes to find the total number of spots and some of us have been writing addition sums using the spots on each side of the domino. I have been so impressed with the children's presentation and number formation.

We have also been busy using playdough to make our own models, we used our fingers, hands and different tools.

We have also been making different patterns using different objects, different sizes and different colours.

We have also been looking at money and the values of the coins and notes. We have also been adding pennies together to find the total.

I have been so impressed with all of the home learning I have had through Dojo and I am making a special home learning display board in the classroom which I will show you next week smiley

I have put some super home learning below.

Have the best weekend and I will see all of your faces on Monday morning laugh

Miss Davies heart


Week Commencing 11th January 2020

We have finally made it to the end of a busy week and our first full week home schooling and learning at school and we have all done it amazingly, I have been so so amazed by the home learning I have received everyday and the children at school are working so hard too.

This week in maths we have been working hard on our number formation, and recognition of numbers to 20. In school and at home I have seen some brilliant formation of numbers and we are always improving. We have enjoyed singing the number rhymes to support our learning.



In phonics this week, we have introduced some new digraph sounds. We have been learning the ‘qu’ ‘ch’ ‘sh and ‘th’ sound. We have been using our segmenting and blending skills to read words with the Phase 2 and 3 sounds. We were very good at this and had a go at writing some of the words. We used our pre cursive handwriting and concentrated on starting letters on the line. Look at our amazing efforts! All of the children are working so hard with their phonics skills and I cannot believe how much the children have progressed from September. 



In our winter topic we have been learning all about the weather. We discussed what clothes we wear in winter and how these help to keep us safe. We enjoyed using our technology skills to play a game all about winter, not only showing our knowledge of the world but being able to use technology and software independently.


We also looked at ice and became scientists, we all got very excited by the ice at school and I know children at home made lots of predictions about the ice and how it melts at home! We learnt how ice is formed and used some great vocabulary to explain the process off freezing and melting. With our hands, we explored the textures of ice and water. We had a great day!



We have had brilliant week of learning and to finish our topic story, ‘Jack Frost’ we have made a story map to show our understanding of beginning, middle and end. This week we have also had lots of opportunities to learn from our environment we have been playing with lots of different resources. Play is an important part of our curriculum and we always make time.



Thank you for your home learning photos, you have all been brilliant. Until next week, Miss Davies 

Week Commencing 4th January 2021


Welcome back to the first Spring term of Reception, we may have only had one whole day back learning today but we will remain positive and continue to do our best learning whether we are at home or at school. This half term we are learning lots of different things but we are going to focus on the topic of 'winter' and its seasonal change and how it has similarities and differences to different seasons. We will be focusing our learning on the book 'Jack Frost'.

On Monday we discussed all of the fabulous things which the children had done over the two week break, they were so happy to talk about all of the snow they got to play in, it really was the best way to start our winter topic as we normally do not get snow this early on. 

We were very busy on Monday so here are some of our pictures of the fun learning we had smiley


We have some children currently in school and we have come together to form one Reception Class bubble, we are doing all of the work that you are doing at home as well as having fun in the classroom. Miss Davies made a special Birthday Party Roleplay for the children and the children who are currently in school had an excellent time playing with their friends with such imaginative narratives. We wrote party invitations, birthday cards and then ordered the weight and height of the birthday presents, we wish all of the children were here to play with us though!


We have also been busy writing and practising our pre cursive letter formation during our phonics sessions, we have been so impressed with the children's writing this week smiley



This week in maths we have been looking at repeated patterns. We are excellent at this and picked it up really fast. There were lots of different ways to make a pattern, with numbers, pom poms, colouring, even shapes! 



We have also received lots of lovely home learning and the children in school have loved seeing what everybody has been doing at home, we have really enjoyed the videos. Below is some photographs of some wonderful home learning so if you are learning at home you can see some of your friends and their work smiley 


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will speak to you all on Monday, if you need anything then you know where we are to help.

Miss Davies heart

Week Commencing 7th December 2020


This week in Duck class we have been learning all about 'The Nativity Story' and the importance of the story to Christians and why it is the reason that people celebrate Christmas. The children have really listened well this week and have been using fabulous vocabulary which links to the story. The children have been able to sequence the story using pictures and could also fill out missing words from the story.

They have also enjoyed using our Nativity set to act out the story showing their knowledge and understanding through their narrative, it was lovely to see the children playing together and taking on different roles.


This week we have also made some Christmas and Winter cards to take home to our families, the children have used different resources to make a snowman card and I was very impressed how independent the children were when doing the card. The children even wrote beautifully inside and I hope you enjoyed your little surprise inside smiley


We have also been really busy in our outdoors area this week regardless of the weather we always strive to do great learning, I have been super impressed with the children being able to order numbers to 20 independently even though that is an Early Learning Goal Skill smiley We have been demonstrating lots of skills this week and it is fantastic to see the progress the children have made since September.


Next week is our last week of the term and I cannot believe it! We have been so busy and I am very much looking to our spring term to keep growing and learning smiley

Next week we are going to be focusing on Christmas, why Christmas is celebrated and how it is celebrated here in the UK and around the world. It is going to be a fun and busy week and we are going to finish the term off with a bang!

Speak to you next week, 

Miss Davies x

Week Commencing 30th November


Our little bubble is now back in school and we came back into school on Tuesday like we had never been away smiley We have continued to learn about hibernation this week and the children really impressed me with their knowledge of Autumn, hibernation and migration and could  talk about it in some depth using great vocabulary which is just fantastic!


We finally got to go and roleplay together in our post office and the children have really enjoyed themselves and they were able to demonstrate skills which were taught during home schooling such as talking about money correctly and using it in the correct manor. The children have also loved writing letters and then posting them in the post box and they have asked if we can write letters to Santa Claus next week so we can post them for the post man to take to the north pole!


We have also been working on our fine motor skills by using scissors to cut out different types of lines and various shapes, I could see a huge improvement in the children's scissor skills from September which is wonderful and is an area we are going to continue to develop.


The children have also been learning in the outdoor area despite the weather and went on a 2D and 3D shape hunt the children were really eager to share their knowledge and were able to discuss shape names and their properties.


It is now finally December, I really don't know where this year has gone! The children were excited to tell me about their advent calendars at home so I thought it was important to share the meaning of advent and its importance for Christians, everyday the children have come in to tell me what was behind their door and it has been a lovely talking point to start the day laugh

Next week is our last full week in school before the half term so as always it is going to be really busy and we are going to be looking at the 'Nativity Story' and why Christians celebrate Christmas. 

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week

Miss Davies x 

Week Commencing 23rd November

It has been an unusual couple of weeks as we have all been learning at home but the learning which the children have done has been sensational and I am so proud of the mindset the children have had smiley

We have kept you all very busy and it shows in all of the videos and photographs which we have received, we have saved all of the photographs and we are going to print them off to go into the children's learning journeys. Just one more day of home learning on Monday and we shall be back together again back to some normality. Next week we are going to be working on hibernation to tie in with our topic of Autumn. 

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday smiley

Miss Davies heart

Week Commencing 16th November 2020

WOW! What a week, this week we begun to learn all about the season of Autumn, I was impressed of the knowledge the children remembered from their time in Nursery and over the past few days we have been deepening this knowledge. The children can discuss what the season feels like through their senses:

 The leaves fall off the trees as the change colours to red, yellow, brown and orange, not many leaves on the trees.

It starts to get cold in Autumn and you feel the crunchy leaves in your hands and under your shoes when you walk.       

    You can hear the wind blowing the leaves off the trees and around the floor. You cannot hear many birds flying in the sky.


We used the book 'We're going on a leaf hunt' as our stimulus this week and so we went on our very own leaf hunt around the school grounds. The children absolutely love it, they love to explore and have fun and that is exactly what we did. We got to experience the Autumnal changes first hand and we got to collect so many leaves to explore with when we are back in school smiley


We have also discussed other areas of Autumn such as hibernation and migration which the children are growing in their understanding and are areas we will continue to develop next week.


In our maths this week we have been sequencing familiar events and using everyday language of time, the children ordered their school morning and used vocabulary such as first, then, after and next. Vocabulary is a big focus in Reception so it is something that we will continue to develop and deepen as the year goes on. 


Then just like that our little bubble is closed for a while and we are home learning, I am so impressed with the home learning that you have all sent for the past two days and the positive attitude everyone has shown. Keep working hard at home and I cannot wait to see you all soon smiley I will put your super home learning below so you can share what you have been doing with your friends.

-Miss Davies x 

Week Commencing: 9th November 2020

This week the children have had a very busy week, we have learnt so many things and I hope your child has come home and told you all about the things that we have done. Our main focus this week has been the all about the Hindu Festival of 'Diwali', the children have been fantastic at retaining all of the information they have been given and have done some outstanding work this week. 

We have really enjoyed this weeks story about the Mr Men and Little Miss celebrating Diwali and the children can talk in great detail about the different ways Hindus celebrate such as cleaning their homes, buying new clothes and having a feast with their loved ones. 

The children have been particularly interested in Rangoli Patterns, intricate patterns which are usually made from coloured sand, rice and flowers. These patterns are usually made at the front of Hindu's home for good luck and to welcome the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi. The children have been creating these patterns in various ways using chalk, glitter, sand and colouring them in.


As Diwali is known as the 'Festival of Light' and the children really enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night last week we thought we would carry on learning about fireworks so we went into the hall to dance like fireworks. We had coloured materials which we used as our fireworks, we dance to different songs such as Katy Perry 'Firework' and the children absolutely loved it and I was so impressed with how rhymical they all were.


We have also made diya lamps which is very important for Diwali as Diwali means a row or series of lights. The children used play dough and various decorative pieces to create their own diya lamp, I am impressed with how much the children's manipulation skills have improved already this year.


It was also Poppy Day/Remembrance Day on Wednesday so that was our daily focus with lots of activities based around poppies which were very creative, the classroom was so quiet as the children were so busy painting, gluing and colouring. At the end of the day I couldn't believe all of the beautiful poppies that the children had made, each one different and unique. The children know that we have Remembrance Day on 11th November every year to remember those soldiers who have gone out to protect us. 


Friday was also BBC Children in Need, so after PE with Mr Franklin we went back into class to complete lots of activities around Pudsey and Blush the Bears. We also spent a part of the day discussing our selves and others and how some children are not as lucky as we are and even as children we can help others. We again spoke about our emotions and how we can self regulate ourselves and make ourselves feel better when we feel sad and angry and also how we can make others feel better. 


This weeks Superstars are:


Next week we are going to start our topic all about the season of Autumn, we will begin by building on the children's previous knowledge from Nursery, addressing any misconceptions and broadening the children's vocabulary skills. We will be focusing our topic around the stories:


Have a fantastic weekend and speak to you all next week smiley


Week Commencing: 2nd November 2020

I don't know where this week has gone, it has flown by as we have been so busy learning all about Bonfire Night, we have used the story 'Sparks in the sky' as our stimulus and it allowed us to imagine a 'normal' bonfire night, we talked about what our five senses would see, smell, hear, taste and feel. I am hoping the children get to see some fireworks this week as they have loved talking about them during the week smiley We have also used Fireman Sam's safety tips to discuss how adults and ourselves can keep safe during bonfire night, what the dangers are and how we can avoid them and stay safe.


We used different modes and medias to make our own firework pictures, the children had a variety of resources such as chalk, paint, glitter, toilet rolls, spoons and forks to use and they all got very creative making their own designs using different colours and making their fire works big or small. 


For our fine motor activity this week we used different colours and patterned pipe cleaners to make our own fireworks we made them bright and colourful by adding small beads onto them, it took some precision and we really needed to focus on threading them carefully. Doing fine motor activities like this really supports us to write and hold our pencil in a tripod grip. 


For our reading activity this week we had to look at the picture on the card and then find the letters to make the words, these are three letter words we refer to as cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, the children use their segmenting and blending skills to make the words. The children's phase 2 phonics knowledge has improved so much since September and the children are doing so well with their reading. 


After reading the story of 'Sparks in the sky' several times the children then had to independently sequence the story using a number of picture prompts, the children were fantastic and showed excellent recall. They could also talk about the story in depth, talking about the characters and what happened throughout the story. We have also looked at the Bonfire Night story to see the origins of Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it, please ask your child about the story they have lots of knowledge about it and know lots of facts about the story. 

In Maths this week we have been learning about capacity, we have been ordering objects by capacity and have been beginning to use the correct mathematical vocabulary, during the week we have really been focusing on our use of capacity vocabulary and a lot of the children are now confident to use this vocabulary correctly.


As it is a new half term that means new treasure books for us to share, we have read them all this week and the children have really enjoyed them, our new treasure books are:


This weeks superstars are!:


Also a big big thank you to all of you who have worked so hard at home with your child to make their rocket over half term, they are all fantastic and so creative and I cannot wait to show you our class display next week which we have made using them smiley

Next week we are going to be learning about another celebration, the Hindu celebration of Diwali and using the story of 'Mr Men and Little Miss, Happy Diwali' to help us understand how the festival is celebrated. 

Until next week- Miss Davies and the Ducks heart


Week Commencing 19th October 2020:

What an absolutely fantastic week of learning we have had, the children have really loved our story 'Christopher Pumpkin' and have been asking me to read the story two or three times a day!


Miss Davies went pumpkin picking last weekend to get us a variety of different pumpkins for us to explore, some were orange and some were white and they were all different shapes and sizes. We loved exploring them using different tools like knives and spoons even though it was hard to cut the outer layer of skin and pumpkins don't smell that nice once you get inside. We then spoke about the seeds inside the pumpkin and what we could do with them, the children were fantastic at discussing what would happen if we planted the seeds, we decided to keep some safe ready for spring to plant in our vegetable patch!


We have also been in the outdoor area doing various pumpkin activities such as cutting out shapes to decorate a pumpkins face and then using plaster scene to make pumpkins and other items which relate to this week story.


In maths we have been learning about estimation and what that means, estimation is when you make a good guess and predict how many objects there are and then the children should count to check their guess was a good one. For our maths adult led this week we have been estimating how many sweets there were in two cauldrons, the children were fabulous at it and some could say which cauldron has more or fewer, others then counted the sweets to find the total number of sweets. The children really impressed me with their counting skills especially of the sweets being in an irregular pattern, we are now confident to ten and some beyond 10. 


In our tough spot tray this week we have been making magic potions, some of them would make you tall, invisible or even turn you into a vampire! The children were adding eye balls, bats, bugs and even skulls into their potion and then using the magic wand to finish the potion off.


I have also been super impressed with the children and their writing skills this week, they have really started to apply their phonics knowledge and are beginning to segment to spell to write CVC words and have done this independently in their child led learning.


Our roleplay has also changed this week and is now a baby clinic which the children absolutely love, they have been engaging in each others play and improving their play narrative. The children have showed lots of care for the babies making sure they are fed, bathed and clothed, they have even been putting nappies onto the babies!


And just like that the first half term has been completed! It has been a very busy half term and jam packed with learning and I cannot believe the progress the children have made already! We have sent out a creative homework task of making a 3D rocket over the half term as when we come back after half term our learning will be focused around Bonfire Night. I cannot wait to see what you all make together smiley

Have the best half term together making memories and having special times!

See you in a week!

-Miss Davies heart

Week Commencing: 12th October 2020


What another busy week we have had in Duck Class, we are making so much progress in all of our areas of learning and I am so proud of how far the children have come already! smiley

The children have been talking all about themselves this week and we have been looking at the story 'I am special, I am me!', at the beginning of September the children found it difficult to articulate what made them different and unique to others but have celebrated our differences and similarities and have made our own self portraits.


We have also showed our super knowledge of our treasure books which we read at story time consistently throughout the half term, this week we focused on the story 'Peace at Last!' and we completed a story map to show what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story. I was blown away by the detail the children used to talk about the story and they really thought carefully about their drawings and they are amazing. I cannot wait to see them on our new treasure work display! laugh


We are also always developing our fine motor skills to develop our hand muscle ready to write, this week we have used the tweezers to pick up pom poms and buttons and then carefully placed them on different shapes and lines. It was a challenge but the children kept going with a positive mindset and used their tripod grip to use the tweezers successfully, this has really helped the children to hold their pencil correctly and to form their pre writing shapes and pre cursive letters.


After all of the rain the sunshine was a lovely surprise and the children as always have been in our outdoor area, embedding new skills and being innovative. It really did make me smile watching the children independently doing activities from our PE sessions, the children took it in turns to be Mr. Franklin and completed the games just as they would on a Friday morning.


This weeks Superstars are:


The children are so exciting for next weeks learning all about Halloween and the story 'Christopher the Pumpkin', the children absolutely loved the story when I shared it with them today and they cannot wait to see what is planned for next week.

I cannot believe it is the last week of our first half term, time flies when you're having fun heart

Speak to you next week x

Week Commencing: 5th October 2020


Its been another busy week in Duck class and I am blown away by the progress the children have made in such a small period of time back to school. They are all making me so proud with their fantastic mindsets and I know lots of you are working on reading, writing and maths at home and it is really make a difference smiley


This week we have been shape detectives, we have been going around the classroom to find different 2D shapes, we can name many 2D shapes and can talk about their properties such as having 1 round side or 3 sides which are straight lines. The children enjoyed the activity so much that they went into the outdoor environment in the afternoon and independently found some more 2D shapes!


We have also been using various tools and equipment to mould and manipulate playdough, playdough is a favourite of ours and the children really enjoyed making their own models. Some of us also did some dough disco, where we use only our hands to manipulate the dough in different ways.


We have also been in the hall and done lots of ring games and songs, the children were fabulous at taking their own turns and following instructions.


Here are this weeks Super stars!

Next week we are going to be looking at the book, 'I'm special, I'm me!' and we are going to be looking at what makes us unique and what differences and similarities we all share.

Any questions or queries then please just message me smiley

Speak to you all next week x

Week Commencing: 28th September 2020

Happy October, one of my favourite months of the year and one which the children can do lots of exploring of the environment, I know after talking about the change of month the children are so excited for Halloween! 

This week we have continued our work around the story 'The Colour Monster' which the children have absolutely loved and have really grasped a good understanding of it and I know some parents have spoken to me at drop off and collection times and via class dojo that their children have been discussing different colours and how colours can sometimes represent emotions and mood such as happiness, anger, fear and calm at home which is lovely to hear smiley

The children have been drawing their own colour monster this week, they had a free choice of how they wanted to draw their monster and what colour they wanted to use to represent its mood, we had some very interesting monsters in various shapes with lots of arms, legs and even eyes! The children are really developing their pencil control and many are now holding their pencils in a tripod grip which has really allowed their drawing and writing to improve.

This week we have also seen the rain come but that doesn't stop our little ducks from learning in the outdoor environment, we embraced the rain and utilised our canopy area, we decided to play hopscotch to show our maths skills. The children rolled the dice, counted or Subitising the spots and then jumped that number following the order of numbers correctly. The children waited for each child to take their turn, lining up patiently and supporting their friends where they needed too. Our maths knowledge has really developed the last couple of weeks and its amazing to see the children incorporating this into their independent learning. 


We have also been so excited because we have had a new role play area, we absolutely love animals in Duck Class so we know have a Vets for the children to roleplay caring for animals and making them better. The children's play narrative is improving each day, they are building on each others narrative and ideas and engaging in the play for a long period of time.


In our EYFS we focus on the children being able to form their pre writing shapes before they begin with pre cursive letters, the children have really enjoyed drawing the various shapes and even in a week they are really developing forming the shapes they found difficult last week. The children have now been going into the environment in their independent play to practise smiley


Here is this weeks certificate winners, Well Done Superstars!


What another busy week in Duck class, full of fun, learning and laughter. I can't wait to see what learning we will do next week and what achievements everybody will make.

-See you next week heart

Week Commencing: 21st September 2020

And just like that September is nearly over and we have almost done a whole month in Reception and we have already learnt so much in that short time!

We have been really focusing on days of the week since the children have come back to school, every morning we discuss what day it is, what day it will be the next day and the day it was yesterday. We also know their are 7 days a week, what days we come to school and what days we have in the weekend, I have attached the video we use to sing to help us remember the days!

Days of the Week Sing-along Song

daysofweek #songsforteaching A sing-along to teach the days of the week (lyrics below). purchase this song on iTunes: Watch another day...

We have also done lots of phonics work this week, we have started to learn the phase 2 sounds and the 'memory words', which are sometimes referred to as 'tricky words' but nothing is too tricky for our Droplets. This week we have learnt that each letter has a name and a sound like an animal does e.g. a Lion's name is Lion but it makes the sound "Roar", our main focus at the moment is the letter sounds not names as this is what we need to know to begin reading. At Waterside we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics programme alongside the 'Jolly Phonics' songs and actions, we don't learn the sounds in order of the alphabet so this week we have looked at the sounds, s,a,t,p and i. 

The children have been excellent and can recognise many of these sounds and can say words which begin with that sounds e.g. s for sock, a for ant and t for toe. The children are developing their awareness of initial sounds and many can say what sound they can hear at the beginning of simple words.

Another important aspect of our phonics development is the children's understanding of rhyme, so this week we have been finding words which rhyme with each other and then completing a rhyming string e.g. cat, bat, hat, rat, mat.


We have also been working on our fine motor skills and we have been using scissors to cut snips in paper, cutting straight and wavy lines and cutting out circles and squares. The children were fantastic at discussing the importance of how to be safe with scissors and what safety protocols we have to follow.


We don't spend all of our time learning indoors we spent half of our learning time outdoors too and we have been super busy this week doing lots of things such as playing football, writing our numbers, building, singing and dancing. 


We have also been reading our half term treasure books which we absolutely love, ask your children all about them, they have so much knowledge about them all and can describe what happens in great detail.


Hopefully next week all of the children will get a reading book and diary sent home for you to enjoy and for your child to read with you smiley Keep sending in your email addresses and accept our invitation to 'Class Dojo' to get messages from me and our little Ducks.

-See you next week heart


Week Commencing: 14th September 2020


What a super busy week we have had in Duck Class this week! The children are now fully embedded into our class routines and expectations and they come into school everyday with such big smiles ready to learn which is just amazing. Lots of new friendships are being made and this has resulted in some fantastic imagination play in both the indoors and outdoors. We have also really enjoyed the sunshine, it was a nice surprise and the children loved to exploring, having fun and learning outside in the September Sun.


When we teach maths and in particular number activities we often use 'Numberblocks' as a concept that the children can relate to and this week in our independent free learning many of the children used the multi-link cubes to make them, they started at one and then worked their way up to 10. This sparked lots of conversations and the children began to work collaboratively, working well in pairs and they were all so proud of themselves showing our characteristic of learning of 'being proud of their own achievements'.


This week we have begun our weekly 'Sound pots' session which is ran by the City Music Service, it is slightly different to last year but I was so proud of how well the children adapted to the changes and they were such super stars! We absolutely love music in Duck Class and we are so lucky to have a music specialist teaching us every week, we have so much fun!


This week we have spent most of the week engaging with the children, playing and exploring with them and really getting to know them and it has been lovely watching the children's personalities shine through. I have taken so many photographs of the children doing fabulous learning but here are a few of my favourites from the week laugh


Please remember that Friday is our PE day so the children need to wear their sports kit all daysmiley We will be sending out letters about 'Class Dojo' so we can start sharing your child's special moments with you and any messages we have. We are also frequently updating our school twitter account, follow us at @Watersidestoke to see what we are up to in Duck Class laugh

Have a lovely weekend x

Week Commencing: 7th September 2020

It has been just lovely seeing our Reception classes full to capacity again which the children playing and learning together and having fun. Our Duck Class and Swan Class children access provision in both rooms and in the outdoors and it has been lovely to see the children seeing their friends especially friends they may not have seen for 6 months! The children have settled in sensationally and I am so proud of them, it is lovely to see them coming to school every day with such big smiles laugh. The first few weeks in Reception are all about settling in, understanding our routines, expectations and making good relationships with staff and their peers, it has only been a few days but I feel like we have been together for ages! The children have been superstars at washing their hands, making sure they are keeping clean and keeping the germs away and completely understand why it is so important! I feel so lucky to have the very best children and I cannot wait to watch them grow and flourish throughout the year!

To be able to plan effectively we spend the first few weeks seeing what learning the children know and what areas we can develop, we have been very busy exploring!


Next week we are hoping to start our full timetable and begin to teach around 'Myself and my emotions', after the past few months we think it is vital that the children are able to talk about themselves and their thoughts and feelings and we will be doing that few the concept of 'mood monsters'.

We cannot wait to show you all of our learning next week smiley

Miss Davies x