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Welcome to Octopus class home learning page!

Here we will keep you up to date with daily learning tasks and where you will be able to contact Miss Cooke if you have any questions.


Your learning this term will be more similar to what you are used to at school. Take a look at your timetable below, showing what you should be doing everyday. All of your learning will be send to you by email and is available on the school website below. If you need any help in accessing your learning, then contact Miss Cooke or Mr Grocott using the form below.

Home Learning Timetable

Contact Miss Cooke and Mr Grocott below with any messages or queries.

Monday 8th June


Good morning Octopus - I hope everyone is well and enjoying the break from all the rain! Thank you to those parents who are still continuing to send their work in daily, this is much appreciated. I have noticed that some children have completed the Friday Challenge work today - please remember to complete the daily tasks that are sent to you by email :) Friday Challenge is an opportunity to express yourself and have lots of fun after completing your daily learning for the week! :) It was fantastic to see so many of you having fun. I hope some of you saved me some chocolate, tasty treats!

Friday 5th June 2020

What a fabulous day of learning we have had! I have been absolutely amazed by the fantastic potions and instructions you have made - they are so imaginative and creative. Well done! I know that some of you have asked that you receive a list of what you will need so you are ready for Friday's lesson. I will be sending these out in plenty of time for you to make sure you have the resources, if you want to have a go at the practical tasks. I can't wait for next Friday to see what fantastic creations you produce next week :) 

Speak soon,

Miss Cooke

Thursday 4th June 2020

It's been a cold and rainy day today, but our day has been brightened by seeing some of the fantastic learning you are completing at home. Today was our Art lesson and I am amazed by the fantastic mosaic art you have created using resources from home! We have also received emails from more children today, which has made us very happy teachers indeed. Please remember to email us every day to let us know how you are getting on at home - we miss you all dearly!

Speak soon,

Miss Cooke

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Today we have managed to speak to some of our Octopus over the phone, and it was lovely to hear your voices and find out about all the exciting things you have been getting up to. We have reminded some of you that it is important that you send your work in to us everyday so we can see how hard you are working and praise you for your efforts. We hope to receive some more emails tomorrow with photos of learning and you having fun with your family - remember we can upload these to our class blog to show all of your friends too!

Miss Cooke and Mr Grocott

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Today I have had the pleasure of ringing some of my Octopus and it has simply been wonderful to hear your voices. I loved hearing about all the things you have been up to over half term, including celebrating the end of Ramadan, going to parks with family and creating some fantastic half term challenge homework! I am going to be creating a superstar work blog on our Octopus page to celebrate the amazing homework you are producing by sharing it with the rest of the class! We are going to be setting up Class Dojo over the next few days, so we can be giving out dojos at home. This will also be an opportunity for parents and teachers to speak to each other through direct messages, which will mean a quicker response and interaction. I will be sending out emails about this shortly :)

Speak soon,

Miss Cooke

Monday 1st June 2020

Wow what a busy day we have had! All of your teachers are busy at school, helping to look after those children who have returned to Waterside. Although we still really miss our little Octopi and can't wait until we see you all again. I am so happy to see that some children have been busy over half term, producing some fantastic challenge homework. Follow the link below to see some of their creations! As you may have seen in our emails, we now have a new look timetable for your home learning day, including all the afternoon lessons that you are used to from school. Remember all your learning is now online, and if you need any help then please message Miss Cooke and Mr Grocott and we are happy to help.

I am ringing some of you tomorrow, so listen out for the phone! I simply cannot wait to hear what you have been up to over half term :)

Speak soon!

Miss Cooke x

Friday 22nd May

Hi everyone I hope you've had a lovely week, as mentioned in the email this morning there is a May Half Term Challenge. Please send any and all photos you take of these activities to put on our website. Here is the link for the challenge page:

​​​​​​Friday 15th May

A video update for you today which is definitely Mr Grocott and not Fred pretending to be him.....

Daily Update.mp4

Still image for this video

Thursday 14th May

Good morning Octopus I hope you are all well, the week is nearly over and it looks like we'll have another sunny day today so try to make the most of it and enjoy some time in the garden or going on a family walk! Have fun and speak to you soon.

Wednesday 13th May

Hello everyone I hope you're all well and staying safe, I have been enjoying looking at all the work you have been sending me and it's great to see you are working hard. Remember if you have any questions please get in touch or even drop us an email to let us know what you have been up to.

Tuesday 12th May

Another day is here and it looks like the sun is having a rest behind some clouds today. I hope you're all well and enjoying the learning you have been given, remember if you need us for anything you can email us and we miss you all lots!

Monday 11th May

Hello again Octopus I hope you're all well and staying safe! Don't forget any VE Day work you have done needs to be sent to us today.


Fred has now left Mrs Masons house after a lovely week of being pampered by Kai and Bailey who did a super job of looking after her. She has now found her way to my house and I can't imagine what kind of mischief she will get up to, I'll keep you all updated on her adventures.


Have a lovely week and I'll speak to you soon!

Friday 8th May

75 years ago this was a grand day, full of celebration and joy as it marked the conclusion of the war in Europe during World War 2. Even though we may not be able to go out and celebrate with family and friends that doesn't mean we can't make the most of this special day. We have a new sub-page for today which includes a PowerPoint about VE day and a lot of different activities to try out. Enjoy!

Monday 4th May

Hello everyone I hope you are well, today marks another exciting week of learning and adventure! Fred has also been on her own adventure as she journeyed from the Burns Household to the Mason Household. She has made some new friends and is being looked after this week by Mrs Mason, Kai and Bailey, we have had some photos of her to share with you and it looks like she is having a lovely time and is been very well looked after!


Also for all you Star Wars fans like me don't forget May the 4th be with you.

Friday 1st May

Another week is almost done and we are now into the month of May, we are so proud of how you are all dealing with this strange situation. It's important you keep this up and continue messaging us daily with your work. We miss you all lots and can't wait to see you all again. Don't forget we have photos on our class album with pictures of your friends and what they have been up to. If you want to send us some photos of your own to put on you need to email them to us along with a little message saying we have permission to put them on the site.

Tuesday 28th April

Hello again everyone I hope you're well and are having a fun day of learning. Remember if you need anything to contact us on email and please make sure you are emailing every day to ensure we have daily contact. Tomorrow is phone call day so we look forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day.

Monday 27th April

Hello everyone! Another week is upon us and it's time for some more learning, I hope you are all well and are working hard, staying safe and being as fabulous as you always are! We are all missing you loads and love hearing from you and seeing what you have been up to.


I feel like I'm learning a lot as well, I've learnt about a Polish dish called Bigos which one of your friends included on their cabbage menu, it sounds delicious! I've seen a massive pyramid game made out of Lego which I would not be able to make and had some fantastic rules and objectives. I've seen some sour dough rainbows and bugs have been made and hidden for people to find, I may have to go on a hunt for some myself! One child gave me a tour of their new home whilst on the phone to me and told me about all the cool and amazing things they have which was lovely to hear about.


I have also been so proud of all the work I have seen! You're all doing so well and I can't wait to see what you produce this week. Fred has also been having a lovely time at the Burns household, Mrs Burns and Isabelle have done a terrific job of looking after her and I have had some more photos to show you. This week Fred will continue her holiday tour by moving into Mrs Mason's house, who knows what adventures she will have, we'll have to wait and see. 

Monday 20th April

Hello my Octopi! I hope you have all had a lovely time over the Easter Holidays and have tried out lots of the activities we sent you.


Some of you may have been wondering what Fred has been up to during this time, well wonder no more! She has been having a lovely time at Miss Burns' house where she and her amazing daughter Isabelle have been keeping her very entertained. As you can see from the slideshow below she has been doing some lovely colouring in and relaxing in the garden with some cool sunglasses, I bet this weather is a lot different from her snowy home near Russia. It even seems she has made friends with their garden gnome! Isabelle has done a fabulous job looking after Fred for us and as you can see has even made her a lovely bed to sleep in! I hope she still wants to come back to school after her amazing adventure!


Hi Octopi, hope you're all well and enjoying this beautiful weather we are having, no video update off me today because we have a special treat! Mrs Mason has sent a video for you from her wonderful son Kai and there adorable dog Bailey explaining about shapes.


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Video Update 6

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Day 5 Update

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Update from Mrs Burns

Update Number 4

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Video Update 3

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Video Update 2

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