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Week Ending Friday 13th March 2020- 97.1%

School Evacuation


Text Sent to Parents - 10.32 Letter Sent home - 3.30pm to all children 10.01.17

Dear Parents,

This morning, the school carried out routine checks of the school grounds, as it does daily in the interests of site security and pupil safety. We can confirm, this morning a small black item was found near to the playground, and as a positive precaution of safety, the school immediately set the emergency alarms and called the police (999 call) to safely remove and dispose of the item.

Once the school was evacuated, the school escalated the off-site procedures, where pupils and staff were moved in line with our evacuation policy to the local village hall. When we arrived, the village hall was already in use by the public, so the secondary option of the church hall (located next door) was used. Police were on site and their checks have revealed that the item was a disused battery. After discussion the police issued a statement to say school was safe for pupils. This was then shared with the local authority and I. The incident was resolved quickly and pupils have returned to school at 10.42 and lessons continued at 11am as normal. At no stage was there a risk to their safety. All children who have school meals were given a packed lunch today, as we had to make emergency arrangements during the evacuation.

During this afternoon at 1.30pm, a whole school assembly for Year 1 to 6 took place to inform children of how we keep them safe and to answer any questions they may have had. I led this assembly. We will also address any incidental discussions in class as part of our citizenship curriculum daily for the next few weeks and then in line with our curriculum pathways. All individual parents, will be privately informed, if we feel your child is particularly sensitive and requires further support due to the incident.

Currently I can confirm that children are happy, safe and well. The school will continue to follow all of our successful policies and procedures and extra vigilance will be given to site checks daily. The governors body will also meet for an emergency meeting today.

Thank you as always for supporting the school

Kind regards

Mrs Knowles and the Team