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Week Ending Friday 18th September 95.1%

Going for Gold. Years 3 & 4 Spring Show

What a wonderful show! I have never been so proud of our children. Not only did they show such confidence the standards of singing and performing arts were inspiring. I cannot believe they are only 7 – 9 years of age. What a fantastic end to showcase the deep learning the children have of the Ancient Greeks but also how it has impacted on today not only in life changing historical events such as the Olympics but also in the type of person we wish to be – the values we uphold – the Olympic values. This will ensure every Waterside Droplet child will be the best that they can be!

A huge thank you to our Music and Drama specialist teachers Miss Bailey and Mrs Dawson along with all the teachers for your high quality teaching and expectations you have daily. Thank you to all parents for providing costumes and also for such positive feedback and communication with the school. It means such a lot when you say such lovely things!


2 parent quotes I would like to share (permission given)

“Mrs Knowles this school just makes me smile – I could wish for nothing more it has transformed all of those children”


“They sang the roof off- that has made my day. Aren’t those children just incredible, I wanted to join in”


More photos to follow!!!!