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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Extreme Weather Routines

Emergency School Closure Procedure


Waterside Primary School will only resort to closure or early closure in exceptional circumstances.

If it is necessary to close the school due to adverse weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstance the Headteacher will make a decision in agreement with the Chair of Governors.


In the event of adverse weather, consideration will be given to:


  • Number of staff, inclusive of leadership representative are able to reach school. Where some staff are unable to reach school, consideration will be given to combining classes rather than closing but ratios will be considered for safeguarding.

  • State of pathways, steps and slopes around the school.

  • Conditions of roads and pathways in the local area.

  • If the school’s heating, lighting and water is working correctly.

  • Whether catering can be provided.

  • Availability of public transport and school coaches.

  • Weather forecast for the rest of the day.


Where the decision is taken to close the school part way through the day, every effort will be made to accommodate children who cannot return home before the end of the school day.

Please note:

In adverse weather, parents must ensure that staff are in school before children are left.


In the event of closure, parents will be contacted via the school’s text messaging service. Information will also be posted on the home page of the school’s website.