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Week Ending Friday 13th March 2020- 97.1%

A Waterside is family is needed for filming

Dear Parents


I have been approached by the BBC to see if a family at Waterside could assist a BBC Children’s programme called The Let’s Go Club, which is the basically the CBeebies version of Blue Peter. It is a magazine style show which includes films, which are child led, of children performing fun activities at home. These have included children having their own treasure hunt, making instruments out of items you find around the house and creating their very own superhero movie trailer.  


They are looking for a family who have 2 or 3 children between the ages of 5-8 years to be involved in a film where the children will try and break their very own made up world records. For example, one of the children would try and break the record for most pairs of odd socks. As you can tell, these aren’t actual records, but it’s just to inspire children at home to have fun and make up their very own records and try and break them.


I just wanted to enquire if you are aware of any fun, outgoing families at our school (who have children who are 5-7 years) who would possibly be interested in being involved. The children would need to be quite confident, and ideally have great concentration, as they do ask the children to do the same activity 2 or 3 times so they can film it from different angles. The filming would be just for one day, most likely a weekend to ensure the children don’t have to miss a day of school, in the next 2 to 3 weeks.


Also just to mention, it is a very small film team of 3 people so the family wouldn’t have to worry about a huge film crew turning up at their home and parking trailers on their front garden.  


Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you require any more information I would be more than happy to speak with you and arrange for you to speak with the researcher.


Kindest regards,

 Mrs Knowles