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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Task

Morning task


This mornings task is a nice and quick task.

I would like your child to use and develop their fine motor skills by practising our pre-writing shapes OR writing their name if you feel that your child is able to.

Grown-ups please draw the pre-writing shapes (below) OR your childs name for them to copy. We practise our names using pre-cursive writing as below.


Please do not worry if this is not perfect yet- that is completely normal! We are practising to increase your childs confidence in using a pencil, develop and improve their fine motor skills and to get your child recognising letters and their names. 

Let's practise some of our favourite Nursery Rhymes. :-)

Lunch time!

Help your grown up prepare yourself a healthy lunch.
You will need to count how many people you are making lunch for. How many items of food will you need? How many plates and cups will you need? smiley


Have a lovely lunch.

See you back this afternoon.