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Morning Task


As we are back to school tomorrow we are going to continue to base our learning around 'Hibernation', so this morning we would like you to work on this knowledge with your child ready for tomorrow. We have touched on hibernation with the children and they have some knowledge to build on. 

Below is a story which I would like you to read to your child it is called 'Don't hog the hedge' and it is a fantastic story all about hibernation, ask the children lots of questions as you read so it is clear that they understand.

Getting Ready for Hibernation!

There's a chill in the air where Jessi and Squeaks live, and that means it's time for some animals to start the long, yearly nap called hibernation! Learn wh...

Now the children should have a good understanding on hibernation and which animals hibernate and those which don't, they should also be able to talk about migration. 

Now I would like the children to make a list of animals which hibernate and those which do not, they can draw pictures to show these lists, I have also attached a sheet which you can do this on if you have a print smiley


Now your morning tasks are done its time for lunch! laugh