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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Task

This morning we want you to think of your favourite story, it can be any story you choose. It is very important that the children can demonstrate their understanding of stories in various ways and one way we like to do this is by making story maps. I will put a selection of different templates for you to choose from. If your child is now beginning to write they can write labels on their work or they can write captions and sentences to help to explain their pictures. As always we really focus on presentation, the children need to really think about their drawings and the colours they use, if they are writing they need to be writing on a line with their pre cursive handwriting. You do not have to show your story map like any of the ideas below, you can be as creative as you like smiley

Make sure you send your teacher your portfolio work of your fabulous story map before you enjoy your lunch time laugh