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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Task


This morning for Maths we are going to create a shape pizza! 

We are going to make it entirely from 2D shapes. 

Use a paper plate or cut out your own plate and different toppings for your pizza. 

After you have created your pizza, I would like you to count how many of each 2D shape you have used and as an extra challenge I would like you to try your best to form the numbers if you can.

Use our number formation rhymes below to help you to form your numbers. 




I can't wait to see your pizzas and your favourite toppings. 

I will leave you now with this 2D shape song before lunch. 

During lunch time, I would like you to use your super maths skills to spot some different 2D shapes in your kitchen.

Can you find any different shapes to yesterday?

Enjoy and I will see you back online shortly.

Miss Finnheart