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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Task


This morning for reading time I would like you to choose a story from home to enjoy with your grown up. 

Before you open the story have a good look at the cover- what do you think the story is about?

Does it have a blurb? (The blurb is the short passage on the back cover- we explored this in school).


I would like you to read the story first to your grown up. Look at the pictures and tell the story the way you think it goes. 

If you can, add in some sound effects too. 

Once you have finished reading it to your grown up, I would like your grown up to read it to you.

Listen carefully because your grown up will ask you some questions afterwards. 


Grown ups- I have attached some prompt cards below of different questions to ask your child whilst you are reading and after you have finished reading together. smiley 

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these questions are not relevant to our age group- please disregard the very tricky questions. 

I would like you to send me a short video of you answering a few of the questions asked by your grown up after you have finished reading  and discussing your story. 


If you do not have any stories at home, please access YouTube or Cbeebies website- these sites are really good for stories. 

I will also attach a list of books below to give you some ideas of different stories to search for, recommended by Stoke on Trent Libraries.


Reading prompt cards

I am going to leave you now with some fun, alliterative tongue twisters to have fun with before lunch. 


Don't forget to practise your super counting skills whilst you help your grown up to prepare lunch.

How many knives, forks and spoons will you need?

Enjoy your lunch. Miss Finnheart