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Morning Task


This mornings task is all about music and dancing, first on this cold Thursday morning lets get the children up and moving, we love to dance and it is something we do a lot in Reception it makes us happy laugh

Dancing is a listening skill which is really important for the children and helps with all aspects of our curriculum and development. I have attached some songs below for the children to enjoy but if you already have favourites in your house use them instead, whatever gets the children up and moving!

The Skeleton Dance + More | Dance Songs for Kids | Super Simple Songs

Shake Your Sillies Out ♫ Brain Breaks Playlist for Children ♫ 32+ MINS by The Learning Station

Your children will enjoy this popular playlist of brain breaks, action songs for kids! This collection of popular children's brain breaks, action and dance s...

Now you have got your body and brain moving now we would like you to make your own music by making your own musical instrument, you can do this any way you like such as rice or pasta in a box, straws as a pipe, a box and elastic bands or even pots and pans and wooden spoons. 

I have attached some ideas below but your child can be as creative as they like and make what they like as long as it makes music smiley

Happy creating, I cannot wait to see your photographs and videos!

Now we are very lucky and our lovely Mrs Davies who does our sound pots sessions has sent me this video for you to join in with, all you need is a teddy and a scarf or tea towel smiley



Soundpots Session 2


Now that was a very busy morning full of learning, you have earned your lunch today, take a break and get ready for an afternoon of learning.