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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Task

Monday Morning as always is our Maths adult led activity, today's task is a space, shape and measure task all about 

length and height. To begin we want the children to watch the video below to remind them of our previous learning on length and height. 

Year 1 Length and Height

In this video, we learn to compare length and height using the appropriate vocabulary. We also learn about the different ways we can measure length and heigh...

After a phonics which meant the children did a lot of sitting down we want this activity to be very active so we want the children to go around the house or garden and to find lots of different objects, can they order theses objects by height and/or length? It is also important for them to use mathematical vocabulary such as tall, short, tallest, shortest, big, small, biggest, smallest. 

As an extra challenge can the children find the difference between these objects below:

At school when discussing height it was apparent that some of the children were unsure what thick and thin meant as a concept so I have attached a video for the children to use and to understand, again can they find objects that are the 'opposite'- thick and thin?

Learn the concept of Thick and Thin | Educational Videos for Kids | Teach your Kids at Home

Teach your child the concept of thick and thin through this educational video.

We cannot wait to see what you have done this morning, make sure you send your work to your class teacher where we can comment and give feedback, have a lovely lunch time and we will speak to you this afternoon blush