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Morning Task

On a Tuesday Morning our task is based on our fine motor abilities, normally we would all do one activity but due to every one having different resources at home I am letting you decide what your child is going to do. Fine motor activities are all about developing your child's hand muscles this helps them to write and to use tools correctly. 

You can do many activities such as using play dough and tools, using buttons and bands, threading such as pasta on string and cheerios on uncooked spaghetti or even using tongues and hole punches. I have attached a picture below to show you some ideas, if you are struggling and do need some help with an idea then please let me know smiley


Now you have finished your morning tasks it is time for your lunch, eating is so important to keep you healthy. During lunch time can you talk about healthy and non healthy foods, what foods are good for us and which foods are not so good? What happens if we only eat unhealthy food?

Have a lovely break and see you this afternoon laugh