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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year

Morning Task

Communication and Language 


This morning for Communication and Language I would like you to tell your grown up what your favourite Nursery Rhyme is. 

I would like you to practise this throughout the morning, find some noisy object from around the house to play along.

After you have practised lots, I would like you to perform your favourite song to the rest of the people in your household.

I would like you to introduce yourself and explain what song you are going to perform

"Hello my name is Miss Finn and I am going to sing Hickory Dickory Dock because it is my favourite Nursery Rhyme!"

I would like to see a video of you performing for your family using your noisy objects. You might want to choose more than one song to perform. smiley


I will leave you with one of my favourite stories to listen to before lunch. 

Afterwards, I would like you to talk to your grown up about it- how did it make you feel? what was your favourite part of the story?


Don't forget to help your grown up to prepare a nice healthy lunch. Use your counting skills to count how many objects you will need. 

There's a Monster in Your Book | Read by Tom Fletcher | Time for Stories | 3 Minute Full Read