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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Task


This morning we are going to do some maths. 

I would like you to play a memory game. 

Create your own number cards 0-5
(you may choose to use numbers 0-10 if you feel you child is ready to)


I want you to then create some object cards 0-5 (or 0-10) i.e. a card with 1 object on but no number, a card with 2 objects but no number, etc- these will be to match to the number cards. You need to create two of each card. Try to make the objects different. 


I would like you to play a counting memory game. 

Turn around all of your object cards so you can not see them. 

Turn two cards over at a time. Count how many objects are on the cards? Do they match?

 If not turn them back over and keep trying. The winner is the one with the most matches. 


If this is a little too tricky, reduce the number of cards used at one time. 

To make this a little trickier you might want to try to match the object cards to numeral cards- i.e. 1 object to the number 1. 

I have attached a document below to give another counting game example. 

You might want to use the number line below to help you with your counting. 

I want to give out lots of dojos for maths this morning. So send me lots of photos and let me know how you got on. 


I will leave you now with a Nursery Rhyme before lunch.

Can you identify the words that rhyme?

Hickory Dickory Dock

Have a lovely lunch. 

Remember to help your grown up to prepare lunch with your fabulous counting skills.