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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Task

Fine Motor 


This morning to help develop our fine motor skills I would like you to practise writing your pre-writing shapes please. You can practise these using any tools you wish- you might want to use a pencil/pens on paper or you may want to use your finger in flour/sand. 

If you can do the pre-writing shapes easily, try practising your name. If you are practising your name, remember that we use pre-cursive writing in Nursery (see below). 





Next I would like you to go to the dough disco video below!

If you haven't got any dough, you could make your own using the recipe below, or you could use something else similar such as slime or a small cushion. 

Pirate Playdough remix: Row your Boat, Pirate dance, Baby Shark Nursery Rhyme/Dough mashup

I hope you enjoyed the dough disco. 


Next I will leave you with a lovely story before lunch.

Have a lovely lunch, don't forget to use your super counting skills to help your grown up with preparing lunch.

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