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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Task

Communication and language 



We are going to play another game this morning for communication and language. 

'Who am I?' 

Your grown up is going to think of a tv character or a person you are familiar with and write it on a note to stick on your head! (no peeking!) 

It is your job to ask lots of questions to find out who or what is on the sticky note!



You might ask questions like:

- Am I a boy? Am I a girl?

- Am I on the TV? 

- Am I a grown up? Am I a child?

- What colour am I? 
- What is my favourite thing to do?

If you are struggling you might want to ask your grown up for a clue to help you. 

Once you have guessed who you are, swap over and think of somebody for your grown up to guess! 


Finally this morning, I would like you to begin to learn our Nursery Rhyme of the week. 

We will practise this each day again and I hope to see your videos of you singing it on Friday. smiley



I will leave you now with a lovely, wintery story before lunch. 

Don't forget to help your grown up prepare a nice healthy lunch. 

Use your super counting skills to count how many plates, cups and cutlery you will need. smiley

I will see you back this afternoon for some more fun home learning tasks. 

Miss Finnheart

Christmas story time for Kids: Dot in the Snow | Oxford Children's Books