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Morning Task


Monday morning is always our maths adult led task, today we are going to focus on one more and one less than a number, it is a very important skill which helps with addition and subtraction and is something which we have worked on a lot in school. 

To be begin the children can start with some counting to warm up their brains, we often do active counting such as counting star jumps, claps and jumping etc...

Also is a song which we often use to count.

Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers | The Singing Walrus

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Just as we do in our numbers and patterns sessions the children should the practise counting from any number this helps with their knowledge of number patterns and their mental maths skills. 


Begin with seeing which number your child is working too in regards to their knowledge of one more and one less, we do a game of 'teddy bear throw' where we throw a teddy to the children and say a number and they say which number is one more and which is one less than that number. There is a number line below if the children need it to scaffold their learning.

If your child has found the concept difficult as some will then please using objects to practise the skill e.g. if you have 5 cars ask your child what would happen to the number of objects if there was one less- "the number of cars gets smaller", get them to count the cars, one less than 5 is 4. Do the same for one more and use the number line to visually show them going up and down. If you need any support please just ask.


If your child was confident with one more and one less in the teddy bear throw then we want them to focus on number patterns and missing numbers, we have attached 1-5, 1-10 and 1-20, you may want to begin with 1-5 and then work up or begin at 1-20 and make your own missing number lines.


After a busy morning it is now lunch time smiley We cannot wait to see what learning you have done this morning and we will see you this afternoon!