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Morning Task


Now we are learning from home all of our communication and learning is online. It is important that the children can use technology independently as it is now such a big part of our daily lives in and out of school. Therefore, I would like us to have a play with some educational games. This could be on a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Cbeebies has some great interactive games the children can explore or you may know some safe sites yourself. YouTube is also a good tool for learning; however please ensure the children are doing this safely. Before choosing a game please sit with you child and discus the online safety rules below.  



I have also added a link to some educational games. Don’t forget to send your photographs smiley


It is now time for a well deserved break. I hope you are having something lovely for lunch. What healthy food have you got today? 


 I will see you again for your afternoon learning.