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Week Ending Friday 13th March 2020- 97.1%

Morning Learning Tasks

A Message from Miss Smith (WK2)

A HUGE well done to all the Otters and families for the amazing home learning you did last week. I absolutely loved seeing all of the photographs, messages and especially those of you enjoying time in the garden. Please continue with the communication, however small. It really does make the difference and I love to know that you're all safe and well. Week 2 is here and I know we're going to do another amazing job. I will continue to be online all day during the week as usual. Lots of love, Miss Smith x 

Mid-Week Message 25/3/2020

Hi everyone, it has been so lovely receiving your e-mails and photographs. Thank you so much for your support in carrying out the home-learning tasks, it looks like you're really enjoying them and we really do appreciate the time you are spending. As always, I am available by e-mail throughout the day for support or a even just a catch up. 

Enjoy the rest of your week, lots of love Miss Smith x 

A Message From Miss Smith (WK1)

Good Morning to all that are staying at home. It is going to be very strange without you all here with us and I'm certainly going to miss you all but we need to stay strong and keep positive. 

A learning task will be updated daily on this page and if you need any help or support regarding these tasks or just want to keep in touch please don't hesitate to e-mail, we are always here and will do the best we can to help :)