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Week Ending Friday 13th March 2020- 97.1%

Morning learning tasks

A Message From Miss Bickerton-Dean (W/C 1st June)

Good Morning Dragonflies! I hope you've had a fantastic half term and made the most of the fabulous sunshine with your family. I can't believe we are now in Summer 2, but hopefully with having half term you are ready and raring to go for another six weeks of learning. As always if you need any support please email and don't forget to keep me updated with your learning and safe and well messages, it really is appreciated and so lovely to see all your work and the fun things you get up to. Miss Bickerton-Dean x

A message from Miss Bickerton-Dean (Week 6)

Hi Dragonflies, I hope you are all well and enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. It looks like lots of you had fun in the sunshine and in particular celebrating VE Day. Thank you for continuing to send me lots of pictures of the amazing work you are doing and the fun things you have been up to. It really is appreciated. As always if I can help in any way please e-mail me and keep sending those pictures. I will be ringing on Friday this week and look forward to speaking to you all. Have a fun filled week. Missing you all lots. Miss. Bickerton-Dean x

A message from Miss. Bickerton-Dean (Week 5)

Another fabulous week of learning Dragonflies, as always it has been wonderful to see all your photos and videos that you have been          e-mailing to me showcasing all your amazing learning as well as the fun you have been having with your family. I am so so proud of each and everyone of you. You are doing amazingly well and I know you are all trying extremely hard. I can't wait to see your photos again this week as you move onto this weeks learning tasks. This week I will be ringing you on Friday for a little chat with you all, it really does brighten up my day hearing and speaking to you all. Missing you all lots. Have a fabulous week and as always please contact me daily with your emails. Love Miss Bickerton-Dean x 

A message from Miss Bickerton-Dean (Week 4)

Good morning Dragonflies. It was so lovely to speak to you last week and hear all about the things you have been up to. The work you completed was sensational and I loved seeing the pictures you sent to me, they really do brighten up my day. Again as always your learning will be found here online. This week I have also set your spellings via EdShed, so please use your login details to access this via the link on the reading page. Have another fabulous week of learning and I look forward to speaking to you again on Thursday. Miss Bickerton-Dean xx  

A message from Miss Bickerton-Dean (Week 3)

Good morning Dragonflies. I can't believe the half term is over already. I hope you had the most amazing Easter break with your families and that you got to spend lots of time outside in the sunshine making more magical memories. It's been lovely to see what some of you have been up to from the pictures and e-mails from your mummies and daddies. The learning for this week you will find online, if you need any help or have any questions please e-mail me as always. Have a fabulous week. Missing you lots. Miss Bickerton-Dean xx

A Message from Miss Bickerton-Dean  (Week 2)

A HUGE well done to all the Dragonflies and families for the amazing home learning you did last week. I absolutely loved seeing all of the photographs, messages and especially those of you enjoying time in the garden. Please continue with the communication, however small. It really does make the difference and I love to know that you're all safe and well. Week 2 is here and I know we're going to do another amazing job. I will continue to be online all day during the week as usual. Missing you all lots. Miss Bickerton-Dean x

A little note from Miss. Bickerton-Dean

Good morning Dragonflies. Hopefully you had some fun in the sunshine yesterday, and enjoyed completing your learning tasks and activities. I've loved reading the messages you have sent me so far - it's great to see how you have been keeping busy!

Please remember to keep me updated using our class email, I will be online all day :)

Mid week message

Well I am certainly missing you all Dragonflies, it's just not the same without you all. I hope you are all safe and well and didn't find the challenges I set you to hard. I would love to see what you've been getting up to, any work you've completed or projects you are working on so please keep in touch and send me a message or a picture of your work. It would be great to hear from you all. Remember I am here to answer any questions you may have or to support you using the contact email I look forward to hearing from you all. Have another fabulous day of fun and learning xx


A message from Miss. Bickerton-Dean

Good morning to all who are staying at home. It is going to be very strange without you all here and I'm certainly going to miss you all but we need to stay strong and keep positive. 

A learning task will be updated daily on this page for you to complete and if you need any help or support regarding these tasks or just want to keep in touch please don't hesitate to e-mail. We are always here and will do the best we can to help =)