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Week Ending Friday 13th March 2020- 97.1%

Morning Learning

Friday 3rd March

Below are today's learning tasks


Thursday 2nd April

Below are today's learning tasks


Wednesday 1st April


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning! 

Below are your Maths and English tasks. 

Have a lovely day laugh


Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone! 

I hope you're all okay :) 

Below are your daily English and Maths tasks- contact me if you need any support 

: d02

Friday 27th March

Good morning, I hope you're all okay! 

Below are you daily tasks

Thursday 26th March

Below are today's daily tasks.

Have a great day! 

Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning!

Below are today's daily tasks for Maths and English


Tuesday 24th March

Please complete you math and english task.

Also there is a learning by questions



Monday 23rd March

Complete your daily maths and English task.