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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Activity


Can you remember what we have been focusing on this week? Our topic is healthy eating. We have already talked about ‘healthy’ and ‘non-healthy’ foods. We were supper impressed with your writing and drawings yesterday of grouping the foods. Today we would like you to be creative with fruit.

We would like you to make a fruit kebab or fruit salad. We understand we do not all have the same recourses so please tailor to your resources.


We are focusing on using equipment safely. We would like the children to use a knife and cut up little pieces of fruit. Remind the children how we use a knife and that we have to cut carefully as knifes are sharp. If you do not have any fruit to cut up the children could help you to make their dinner/tea?

As you are cutting the fruit, we would like you to think about your five senses.


Touch, smell, taste, hear, see.


Touch – What does the fruit feel like? Is it rough, smooth, wet, slimy, cold? Does the texture change when you cut into the fruit, what does it feel like on the outside and what does it feel like on the inside?


Smell – Is there a smell to your fruit? Is it sweet or strong?


Hear- What counds can you hear when you cut the fruit?


See – What does the fruit look like before you have cut it? Is it round, big, small, long, tall? Then when you have cut it does it look different? What colour is it inside, has the texture changed?


Taste – once you have made you kebab/fruit salad you will be able to eat it! What flavours can you taste? Can you taste each fruit?

Make sure your adult is with you at all times and please be careful of the knife. We can wait to see you pictures of what you have made.