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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning activity


This morning we are going to be looking at rhymes. By the end of Reception children should understand rhyme, recognise rhyme in stories and songs and complete a rhyming string independently. We have been looking at rhyme in our sound pot sessions and we have looked at rhyme in school. I know how much we love to rhyme so I hope you enjoy this activity.


The children will begin by filling in the missing word in nursery rhymes. We would like you to sing some nursery rhymes with your child. Can they fill in the missing word? Sing together and stop on certain words, have they continued with the correct word? 

For example:

humpty dumpty sat on a ____.

Humpty dumpty had a great ___.

All the kings ___ and all the kings ___,

couldn't put humpty together ____.


Here are some nursery rhymes to sing with your child:

Humpty dumpty

incy wincy spider 

Jack and Jill went up the hill

Twinkl, Twinkl, Little Star


Next we would like to see if you can complete a rhyming string. Verbally tell your child a word. See if they can come up with 3 other words that rhyme. 

Example: Dog - log, fog, frog.


how well did they do? Can they verbally complete a rhyming string. 

Complete the table below. This time can you write your rhyming words. Point out to the children that the end of the word will have the same spelling, this is how we know it is a rhyme. 



For your last task can you find objects around the house that rhyme? 

bin, tin, pin