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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Activity


This morning we will continue to look at artic animals. We have learnt so much about the animals already and I know you all enjoyed watching ‘Frozen Plant’ and completing your own research. It gave us some great ideas and insight into the lives of the animals and their habitat. Can you remember what habitat means?



For today’s task, we would like you to choose your favourite artic animal. What can you tell us about your animal? Why is it your favourite?

Can you draw a picture of your animal? What colours do you need? What size will it be? Maybe you could draw a background for your animal. Will there be snow, ice?

In reception, children will learn to write labels and captions for their work. Therefore, when you have finished your drawing we would like you to write some key words to describe your animal. Use your segmenting skills to sound the words and write them down.

Some ideas for your labels:


Colour – white, black, grey

Texture- furry, smooth, rough, scaly

Size – big, small, long, short


Remember not all words have to  be spelt correctly, as long as the children are writing phonetically. Miss Davies uploaded a video to explain children writing phonetically on Tuesday. Use this for support.