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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning activity

This morning we would like to hear all about your wicked weekend. Unfortunately we have all be isolating this weekend, but I am sure you have been finding lots of things to do at home with your family.



Just like we would at school we would like you to write down a few of the things you did this weekend. This could be watching a film, helping to make dinner/tea or playing with your favourite toys. Firstly, think about what it is you would like to write about and say the sentence aloud. Can the children recall what they did in order? Are they using clear vocabulary to explain their past events? In school we encourage the children to use language of time, this could be ‘first, then, after, finally’. Please continue to encourage this language at home when talking about past events. Maybe they could re-say the sentence using one of the time connectives.



I would like all children to focus on their handwriting. Ensure all letters and sitting on the line with clear ascenders and descenders. As well as this, all letters need to be the same size and written in pre-cursive writing.



 What did you do over the weekend?

Some children will be focusing on writing key words. It is very important they are segmenting and blending the words together independently to encourage independent writing. As you will remember from the last home learning, we do not expect children to always spell correctly but they must be spelling phonetically. For example ‘play’ will be spelt as ‘plai’ as these are the sounds we have learnt so far. As soon as the children can sound words out to match their spoken sound they will begin to learn new spellings/sounds further on in the year.

If your child is labelling they will need to write at least 4 key words to describe their weekend. For example:

  1. Cook
  2. Play
  3. Read
  4. Help

Try your best to sound each letter out and write in sequence. If you are confident with this you will be writing captions. When writing captions it is important to remember finger spaces so your work is easily read by yourself and others.


Say out loud what it is you would like to write, and remember your memory words. We can’t sound these words out, you just have to know them.


  1. I sat with my mum,
  2. I watched a film
  3. I play with my toys

Some children will be confident with this and are starting to write sentences with words that are phonetically plausible and the correct spelling of memory words. Their sentence must make sense and be able to be read by themselves and others. At school we are encouraging the children to use a full stop once they have finished their sentence. We would like you to write 3 ‘super sentences’ about your weekend. Use the sentence checker below to ensure you have everything you need.



At the weekend I played with my racing cars.


Don’t forget to take a picture and upload it to your dojo portfolio.