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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year

Morning Activity


This morning our focus story will be Handa's Surprise. Before we read a story we always have a book discussion so we know everything about our book. Look at the front cover, what can you see? What do you think our story will be about? 


I can see some fruit which is balancing on her head, why do you think she is carrying it on her head? Where could she be taking it and who/what for? 


Shall we have a look at the blurb and see if we can find out a bit more about our book. With your adult read the blurb.



Now what can you tell me about the book?  What do you think the animals will do? What surprise will she have? How much fruit did she carry in her basket?


Finally before we read our story it is important to know who the author is of a story. This is the person who has written the book. Can you find out who wrote the book?



Now we know all about our new book it is time to read the story. Sit back and listen carefully. You can pause the video at any time and ask your child questions to make sure they understand and can recall the story.

STORY - Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne (EYFS, KS1)

This classic story with glorious pictures is read by Miss. Hodgson. Why not listen and then try some of the activity ideas below:*Make a fruit salad to share...

What can you tell me about the story you have just read? Where was she going? What happened along the way? What was Handa's big surprise at the end? What animals did you see? Can you remember what different fruits there were?

If you need to go back and recap the story this is fine smiley


Your morning activity today will be sequencing the story of Handa's Surprise. I would like you to recap all of the fruit that Handa carried in her basket. Write a list of each one so you can refer back during your sequencing. 

I would like you to start from the beginning and draw a picture of each fruit that got taken. Ensure you put them in the correct order they were taken. 


You must use the correct colours, think about the shape and size of the fruit. Did it have any textures evident? We are expecting a lovely sequence of the fruits with beautiful presentation. 


Once you have drawn all of the fruit in the correct order i would like you to use your phonics knowledge to label the fruit. You may be able to write a short caption about which animal took the fruit. For example: draw a picture of the banana. You will label the fruit 'banana' or you will write a  caption 'the monkey took the banana'.



Please take care in your presentation and send pictures to your teachersmiley