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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Activity

This morning we are continuing to learn more about winter. We are going to be using all five of our senses to explore the effects of winter and write down key facts about winter. Do you know any of the five senses already?

Your body is very clever – it is always working hard to help you learn about the things around you. Have a look at the mat below to help you.



Sight – We use our eyes to see things. We can see things that are near to us and things that are far away. Some people wear glasses to help them see things more clearly.

Hearing - We use our ears to hear sounds. Some sounds are loud and some are quiet. For example, fire alarms are loud, but someone whispering is quiet. Even when you are sleeping, your ears will be busy listening to hear what is going on around you. Some people use hearing aids to help them hear more clearly.


Touch - We mainly use our hands to touch and feel things. However, the skin all over your body can feel things too. We can tell if things are hot or cold, hard or soft, tickly or prickly and lots, lots more.


Smell -We use our noses to smell things. Noses can detect things that smell nice, such as flowers and cakes baking in the oven. However, noses can also detect nasty smells, such as a rubbish bin or old socks!


 Taste - We use our mouths and tongues to taste food and drinks. We can tell if things taste bitter, salty, sweet or sour. Everyone has foods they like and foods they dislike!


Watch the video below and use your senses to explore a winter journey. Remember to think about what you can hear and see. Last week we had lots of snow can you remember how it felt to hold and play in the snow? Use your imagination skills to think of some describing words. You could discuss what drinks/foods you may have in winter, like a warm hot chocolate when it is cold.


5 Senses Nature Walk to Diana's Bath

Take a hike with Mrs. A from Dyer using her 5 sensesRoyalty free music from

From the video, we would like you to write key words or captions depending on your child’s confidence to explain what they saw/heard/felt/smelt and taste. We would like at least 1 sentence for each sense.

Your adult can write a sentence you have said for you and we would like your child to write the initial sound of key words.


Example: It is cold outside.

         It is _old _utside.


If your child is more confident, ask them to write the key words using their phonic knowledge. The may know some of there memory words and be able to write these themselves ( I / go / the / to )


Example: I can taste the hot chocolate.   

I ___ taste the ___ chocolate


If your child writing captions then I have put some examples for you below.


The snow feels cold and wet.

I can see snow in the sky.

I hear the wind blowing. I can hear the crunch of snow.

I can smell fresh food.