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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year

Morning Activity


This morning reception we will be focusing on 'The Great Race'. We have read this story already and talked lots about the Zodiac wheel and different animals. I would like you to re-read the story and remind ourselves of the different animals and what position they finished the race. You can always refer back to the story. I have attached the story as a PDF to read and iIhave attached the same story as a read aloud audio book on youtube. You may choose how you want to read the story. 



Story Time: "The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac" by Dawn Casey

Join us for a story time reading of "The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac" by Dawn Casey!

I hope you remembered what happened in the story. Now we are going to sequence the story 'The Great Race' use the template below to sort the order of the winning animals. Who came first, second, thrid and so on?




Draw 12 boxs on your piece of paper. In each box draw the animal and colour him in :)

Send a picture to your teacher when you have finished the story sequence 


You can draw the 12 boxes out and in each box draw a picture of the animal.