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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Activity


This week we have been learning all about our local area, where we live and what shops/places are in our local area. If possible, this morning we would like you to take a walk around your community. On your walk we would like you to look at your surroundings. What are you passing down the street? Are there any shops near by? What other places are close by?

If you are unable to go on a walk this morning we would like you to discus what is in your local area. We would then like you to draw a picture of 3 different places in your community or you may send a video telling us what is close to your house smiley



As you are out on your walk we would like you to practice 'road safety'. Discus with your child the dangers of roads. Explain there are lots of passing cars at a fast speed and we must always stay on the pavement. When we are outside we will always be with an adult and we must hold our parents hand when we are crossing the road.

We stop at a safe distance on the pavement and we look both ways. When there are not cars we can safely cross.


When we are crossing the road the safest way is to use the crossings provided. 

On your walk see if you can spot a 'Zebra crossing' or a 'Pelican crossing'. 


Zebra Crossing:



Pelican Crossing:



Enjoy your walk and send us lots of pictures!


If you are unable to go on a walk this morning, please could you go through and discuss road safety with your child. Send us a video of your child saying 3 safety rules when going for a walk and crossing the road.