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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning Activity




This week is children's mental health week. We had a small assembly on Monday morning with our class talking about what mental health is and looking at all of the different emotions. This is such an important topic for children and adults and it is something we should make the children aware of and help them to understand the topic. 


In reception children's personal, social and emotional development is a big part of their learning and at this age they are just starting to form friendships, recognise and feel emotions for themselves. 

Below is a picture of some different emotions we may feel. Go through each one with your child and talk about how this emotion feels. Can they tell you something that makes them feel happy, sad, angry or excited? 



It is ok to feel all of these emotions. They are emotions we may go through daily. It is super important the children know they have a safe place to express themselves to us, friends or family smiley



This afternoon we would like you to spend some time doing something you love. We encourage the children to have a free afternoon of 'screen time' and engage in an activity that will make them relax and feel happy. 


This may be:

Playing with their favourite toy

Completing some art work (painting/colouring/drawing)

Going for a walk outside or playing in the garden

Listening to music 

Reading a story 


Cosmic Yoga


You may choose any activity yu like and send us some pictures of your chosen activity. We hope you have a great afternoon relaxing! heart