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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Morning activity


This morning it is sound Pots time. This is a great opportunity to explore different sounds, songs and express ourselves through music and movements. The children love to take part in Sound Pots at school and I hope they have just as much fun at home.

Our lovely music teacher Di has kindly put together another Sound Pot session for us so find some space and enjoy smiley

You will need:

Wooden spoon (or something to tap with)

A scarf or tea towel


Soundpots session 7

Another wonderful Soundpots session for you to enjoy with your children during lockdown. Please share at will.

I hope you had fun singing along. In our music sessions, we have looked at rhyme. Can you tell your adults what rhyme is?


Words that rhyme have the same sound at the end of the word.



Can you make a rhyming string for the following words? Your child can verbally tell you these or they may want to write them down.