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After a busy start to our day, we are going to have a calm morning. On a Wednesday morning, we focus on our reading skills. Today I would like you to focus on your child’s understanding of books. Ask the children what their favourite book is. Can they tell you anything about the book, who are the characters, what happens at the start, middle and end? Write down what the children say and send it to us. We love hearing their ideas.


Choose a book you have at home, discus the book with you child. What is an author, what are the illustrations? Do you know the title of this book? Do you know what a title is?

After your discussion read the story to your child. Along the way, ask many questions to support the children’s comprehension.


Questions to ask along the way:

What do you think will happen next?

What is he/she doing?

Can you point to the…


If your child is very confident with this, at the end of the story or throughout ask if they can identify any memory words in the book.  If you see any CVC words, (3 letter words) ask your child to read them by sounding each sound and blending together.


Most importantly, this activity is all about talking and supporting the children to understand books, knowing we read left to right, turning one page at a time and even holding the book the right way up.


Now it is time for lunchtime. Have a lovely break and fill your bellies ready for our afternoon learning. See you soon smiley