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Monday 7th December 2020

Good morning Sharks! Happy Monday! 

Below is today's home learning. Work through this page and remember to send photos of your incredible work to or on class dojo.


We are going to start with Spelling today. Here are this week’s spellings:


Watch the video, first.

Today, you need to write out each word and research the definition. Once you know what each word means, write the definition in your own words (not those of Google!).



Year 6-Monday 7th December- Spelling


Today’s lesson is all about using brackets for parenthesis. This is used when we want to add extra information to our writing and is one of our Year 6 standards.

First, watch the video, answer a few practise questions and then complete your LbQ questions.

Today's LbQ code is:


N X Z 

Going Deeper Geography project

This week, we are going to explore the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro in a Geography case study. Today, we are going to see the city using interactive technology. Read the fact files and follow the instructions below to explore Rio!


For Maths today, we are learning about circles and their properties. Watch this video first and then complete the questions.

Year 6 Sharks-Monday 7th December- Maths

Key circle theorem vocabulary


Practise your arithmetic skills!

Have a break for your lunch. Enjoy!


Watch the video and follow the instructions. It is important to have a few moments of calm each day. Remember to email or dojo message your teacher if you are worried or unsure about anything. We are always here to talk to.

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Reasoning and problem solving

Have a go at this question based on this morning’s Maths lesson.

Year 6 Sharks-Monday 7th December-Maths RPS


This week, we are exploring Christmas in the UK and around the world. Today, read through the power point presentation about the Christian belief in Christmas and create a newspaper article about the ‘Miracle Birth’.

 Love for reading

Enjoy this video of a Viking Saga to link to our Encompass topic.