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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Monday 25th January 2021


Good morning Year 6 and welcome to Monday's home learning!

We hope you have had a lovely, restful weekend with your families and are ready for another super week of learning!


Let's kick Monday off with your Spelling lesson! 

Your spellings this week all have a 'soft c' /s/ sound that is spelled 'ce'. The sound can be found at the beginning, middle or end of a word. 


Next we have Reading.

Remember to annotate or highlight the text as you read so you can jot down any inferences, thoughts or feelings you have about the text. These may help you when answering the questions!

Let's move on to English.

Watch the learning video below and complete today's tasks.

Year 6 English Monday 25th January 2021


Time for your 15 minutes break!

Have a drink and a healthy snack, remember to take time away from your work.


After break, it is time for Maths.

Watch the learning video below and complete today's tasks.

Year 6 - Monday 25th January - Maths

Arithmetic time!

Today is Multiplication Monday. Spend 10 minutes on 'Hit the Button' to practise your times tables, remember to practise the times tables that you aren't too confident on.

After your have practised, complete the correct 55 questions like you would normally in school. Ask your teacher if you're not too sure what question set you are on :)


Lunch time!

Take time away from your screens and enjoy a healthy lunch and drink.




For your mindfulness this afternoon, we would like you to think about how you can be kind to yourself.




Science time!


Romeow & Drooliet read by Haylie Duff

Romeow & Drooliet is written and illustrated by Nina Laden and read by Haylie Duff.Romeow the cat and Drooliet the dog are two star-crossed lovers who met by...