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Monday 23rd November 2020

Good morning Stingrays! Today begins your first day of home learning for the next 2 weeks. You have all been working super hard at school and I know you will continue to do so at home, Mrs Lawton and I are both looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful work!

Your work will be uploaded daily under the correct date sub-page. Please send your completed work to us via Class Dojo and you will receive daily dojos for all of the work you complete.  If you need any help, support or any login details, please get in touch with us and we will let you know straight away.


So, to start your Monday off, you are going to complete your Spelling lesson. Now as you know, on a Monday we complete the definitions for your new spellings so please do this as normal.

If you have any spare time, you can also complete the activity below using your new spellings:


Next up is your Grammar lesson where you will be completing a task on LbQ about different tenses of the perfect verb form. 

The LbQ code is:

w v g


Now we are going to move on to your English lesson. Take a look at the Flipchart and YouTube video below:

Y6 Stingrays - Monday 23rd November - English

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Here is your reading lesson for today. You will be reading a text called, "The Black Hole" and answering questions on it over the next two days. You are used to the style of questions as we completed some last week too :-)

After your break, it is now time for Maths and Arithmetic:

Fractions of Amounts - Primary

This video goes through how to find fractions of amounts. Ideal for Key Stage 2 students (SATs). Questions:

Arithmetic times tables test!

After you have had your lunch, for the next 45 minutes we would like you to have some Mindfulness time. This is your time where you can complete any mindfulness activity that will help you. Now we are learning from home, things are different and you may find it hard. This is okay. Take this time to relax, refresh and recharge. Here are some mindfulness ideas:


Now you have given your brain a break, it is time for Encompass. Today, we are learning about the different stages of the Vikings journey to Britain and in particular, the important role of the longship! 


To finish off your first day of home learning, grab a book/comic/magazine/newspaper or log on to Bug Club and spend 15 minutes reading for pleasure! 


Well done for all your hard work today! Now you know how things will look for the next 2 weeks, I hope you are feeling positive and happy! 


We will see each other again soon, take care and stay safe Stingrays! 

Miss Joinson x