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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Monday 22nd February

I hope you all had a lovely half term, a week full of rest and having time together doing fun activities and enjoying some of the spring sun we have had smiley This week is our assessment week for the children both at home and at school, on Monday and Tuesday we will be calling the children at home via teams for a 1:1 session to see the fabulous progress which they have made, myself and Miss Mayer will contact you with the time we will be calling you. We cannot wait to see you all laugh As we will be calling all children through out the day there will be no live lessons for the next two days however all learing will be online and as always we expect all tasks to be completed and then sent to your child's portfolio so feedback can be given. If you do have any questions or you need anything then please message your child's teacher via 'Class Dojo'.

Here is today's morning starter before you begin your phonics session. 

As we haven't spoken to you for a week we would like to know what you have done over the half term, we would like the children to write 3 to 4 sentences to tell us what they have been doing. The children should write phonetically using their phonics knowledge, not all words are going to be spelt correctly but will be phonetically plausiable so the children can read their work back to you and others. 

The children should write each letter starting on the line using their pre cursive handwriting and thinking about their presentation.

Make sure you send your sentences to your class teacher before your phonics session laugh