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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Monday 1st February


Happy first day of February laugh We are slowly heading out of winter and moving into Spring, so hopefully in the next few weeks the weather becomes slightly warmer and we can start to see signs of new flowers and plants begin to grow.

We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for another day full of learning. This week we are going to be learning all about our local area, which is where we live and also road safety. Knowing how to be safe when out near roads and cars is very important so by the end of the week we will all be super stars knowing the green cross code smiley

Hopefully you have all been on your class teams register, myself and Miss Mayer have loved seeing all of your faces and being able to speak to you!

Before your live phonics session this morning we firstly want you to make sure you have completed any feedback given from you teachers via Dojo, this could have been practising a letter or number or even a question. If you have already do it then well done, you are ready for your morning starter.

Not all of the pictures are words which have the 'sh' sound so be careful and only write the words which do smiley If you finish early you could always try and write the other words, or a caption with one of the 'sh' words. Remember your handwriting and presentation, it is very very important!

Make sure you join your classes live learning phonics session before 9:15 and you have your exercise book and pencil ready!